Tips on Getting The Right Handbag for Your Body and Style.

Every professional woman has several handbags that she changes regularly based on the occasion, theme and what kind of clothes she is wearing. Handbags and shoes are the two major things that any woman has in plenty. A handbag can greatly influence your body look and shape. A good handbag should ideally compliment your figure and adding more value to it. Getting the right and bag is vital for any woman as they can greatly influence how you look they can actually change your appearance and can flaunt your personality.

It is a dream for every woman to look as beautiful and classy as she possibly can. It is thus very important to ensure that the handbag you get goes hand in hand with your style and body shape. Choosing the right fit handbag can be quite challenging and it needs good decision making.  One of the best ways to get the best handbag supplier is through referral. From your friends and relatives, it is easier to know their supplier as their contacts are mostly written on the parcel. Through the envelope printing, they are able to market their services.

Once you have got a reputable supplier, he will not only sell to you but he will also be willing to guide you on how to settle for the best bag according to your body shape. Below are some of the major considerations that you should have in mind when settling for the right bag.

a. Do you have large hips? Large hips go so well with a bag that has short straps that can be easily tucked under the arm. A handbag that falls on the hips will definitely attract attention around the region. As much as a bag with short straps is recommended, it all depends if you want to get attention to your hips and if that’s the case, you can settle for one that has long straps that hangs freely and falls on the hips.

b. How big is your burst? Each individual has her own personality and to some women, it would be quite uncomfortable to draw attention round the burst region. If this is the case, you can get a shoulder bag that has long straps and it should basically be large in size.

c. Are you tall and slim, or short and petite? For a tall lady, it is easier to just go with any bag but smaller bags with short straps may make you look taller thus it would be better to go for larger handbags. For the short and petite ladies, small handbags helps you look taller and you can avoid  large over sized bags as they will make you look shorter than you already are.

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