Tips on how to prepare your kid for summer day camp

Where did summer day camps come from and why are they so popular? We don’t know who came up with the idea of creating a camp that is booked by the day, but we sure are grateful. Every youngster can benefit from the experience provided by such a place. Built-in benefits such as helping children build self-confidence, unplugging from technology, and learning new skills are hard to deny. The best part is that kids actually want to go to camp. why? Because it’s fun. To make sure that your kid has the time of their life, choose the right camp and help them prepare for the unique experience.

Understand when camp starts

It’s important to learn as much as you can about the program. You’ll want to know all about the activities around it and, most importantly, when it starts. Information such as the start date and duration matter because you need to know how much time you have on your hands. You don’t have all the time in the world, so it helps to have details of this kind. Since it’s summer day camp we’re talking about, the activities take place during the day. Your child spends the day at camp and comes back home at the end of the day. If you don’t have to keep a running countdown, even better. No matter when summer day camp starts, your toddler will be excited. They’ll experience a mixture of excitement and nervousness, but there’s nothing to worry about.

Talk about your experiences from the past

Chances are that you’ve been to summer day camp at least once. This incredible experience gifts your memories even now. You found yourself on a bus with other children, eagerly anticipating the beginning of summer. You were soon welcomed by a friendly host when you arrived. You didn’t think you’d fit in such an environment, but you were wrong. After just one hour, you were playing tennis with the other campers. It would be lovely to share this experience with your child. If you attended summer day camp, tell your kid about all the fun adventures you had there and the cool people you met. If you have never ever been to summer day camp, talk about formative time spent away from home. Draw attention to the benefits of time apart. Tell the youngster they’ll love it and that there’s nothing to worry about.  

Go shopping together

Prepare ahead of time. Most camps, especially those that are based in New York City, require a list of items for various activities. You won’t need to pick out a new toothpaste, but you’ll need to buy headphones, comfy clothing, sunscreen, and so on and so forth. The two of you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy the shopping trip. Just buy items that are essential to the daily existence at camp. You may want to include your kid’s favorite snacks for the road.

Begin packing a day before camp starts. Before heading out shopping, it’s a good idea to talk to summer day camp representatives and find out more about their policies. The camp supplies most of the items and will tell you what items it’s not a good idea to pack.

Ask for the names of the counselors

The role of the camp counselor is to supervise the children and make sure that the campers’ experience is as rewarding as possible. Since the counselors will take care of your child for the length of their stay, get to know their names. What is more, tell the camp counselors to call you immediately if there is an emergency situation. Generally speaking, those employed to give guidance live and breathe camp life, so they do what’s necessary to ensure the wellbeing of youngsters. When it comes down to summer day camp, you have to do more than fill out your name and address on the form. Counsellors working for Queens day camps return each summer, just like the campers. If you want, you can check in with the camp director before you leave. Just so you know, counselors don’t need to be reminded of just how important their jobs are. They don’t make mistakes and neither do they rely on parents for everything.

Leave expensive items at home     

Do you want to protect your valuables? Make sure they stay at home. You can let your child take their favorite things, but not jewelry or expensive clothes. Unfortunately, children can lose up to six things at a time. They’re more preoccupied with having fun than looking after their personal effects. Instead of being furious at your daughter or son for losing precious items, you should better make them leave the expensive things at home. If you can’t bear to see your toddler unhappy, label everything with their name. This way, if some item gets lost, you have a chance to recover it. If the personal belongings aren’t labelled, the person who comes across them won’t know to whom they belong and might be tempted to keep them for themselves.

Manage expectations

Summer is upon you and you’re thinking about sending your kid to summer day camp. Every expectation impacts the kid’s camp experience, which is why it’s important to manage those expectations. While summer day camp in New York City is a fantastic experience, it’s not perfect. You can be honest about certain things and insist on the fact that counselors and activity leaders are there to help. Teach your child to be respectful of themselves and the people at camp. Most importantly, teach them how to respond to the expectations of individuals. Not only is it important to follow the rules, but also the established guidelines.

To sum up, youngsters greatly benefit from summer day camp, which has many programs that promote physical activity and learning. Activities include everything from sport to dance and drama. Check out the hours that the summer day camp office is open for tours. You won’t be disappointed, but it’s important to get a good view of the facility.

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