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There are those in life that we tend to admire from afar. For us, it’s the women who possess an inner beauty and strength that give them the courage to fight for a cause. It is the mothers, specifically, who find courage from within to protect their children while reaching out in the hopes of protecting your children as well.

Celebrity mom, Jenny McCarthy, is one such woman who Terry and I felt a deep fondness for as we learned about her son’s plight with Autism. As mothers, we felt her sorrow and her joy as Evan’s journey and advancements led to the launch of her baby product line called TOO GOOD™ by Jenny. You see, it was Jenny’s hope, desire, and will to make a difference that fueled the launch of TOO GOOD™, creating a safe, non-toxic environment for all babies.

In Jenny’s voice:

“It was never an option for me to become complacent after my son’s successful recovery. My personal breakthrough inspired me to help all families and individuals find the safest, healthiest and affordable products on the market. PEM America and I are working together to fill the market void in safe, non-toxic products for children, one TOO GOOD item at a time.”

Tune in and watch Jenny this Wednesday, December 15, at 11am EST, on The View as she unveils her 100% cotton-rich bedding line. Moms, we’d be remised if we didn’t share the fact that Jenny’s product line has exceeded ALL standard infant safety specifications and product testing! As such,MyWorkButterfly is so very proud to team up with Jenny to ensure that ALL parents know that this brand created for your babies, that Jenny and the inspiration of her son Evan, is going to revolutionize the baby bedding/product industry for our children. Following The View, we will “Toast and Tweet” with Jenny to further spread the TOO GOOD mission. Please join us between 1:15 - 3:30 pm EST, this Wednesday, December 15th on Twitter, using hashtag #TOOGOODbyJenny.All tweets using hashtag #TOOGOODbyJenny during the hours of the "Toast and Tweet" will be eligible to win one of eight [Jenny] autographed organic TOO GOOD™ baby blankets!

TOO GOOD™ is a holiday gift worth giving, in more ways than one. “See” you online!


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