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Moms and Grams teaching kids working is for a long time

My daughter has seven children five grandchildren and she’ll be 43 August which makes me a mom gram and great grandmother I’ll be 63 this July. Over the last 22 years it has taxed my responsibilities while being fair to each child and I tell my daughter it’s not easy being grandmother to so many children when you want to give each child a special part of you however we’ve managed which brings me to William my 14 year old grandson who recently began working at a dog kennel two days a week cleaning dog cages’.

William second youngest Noah six recently told me he wants to be a coffin make (that so he can build my coffin) another story as I’ve recently battled Ovarian Cancer January 08 and breast cancer in February of 05 Noah who receives the most attention from me as he’s youngest is concerned I’ll die sometime soon. Therefore, the reasons for this post as a mom and grandmother are to stress the importance of establishing a work ethic in your children from a very young age.

Help them understand education is important whether college or training for a specific job.

Most important teaching them how to get a job and keep it rather then quitting or not even applying as mom and dad and grandparents supplements their income so they don’t need to work.

Realize your children won’t understand that they will have to work in order to live a decent life (unless you have a large family trust set up for them). Thus when my 14 year old grandson told me this past weekend after working only three times at the kennels that he hated his job and didn’t know how I’d been able to stay working for the past 43 years I about dropped my teeth (which are my own not false) as I knew we’d have to talk about this and I wasn’t sure where to begin and because I only get 400 words in this post I ask you is it the same in your family that kids today don’t believe working is part of their agenda money grows on trees and a job is a dirty word tell me it’s not just our family..

Dorothy from grammology

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Comment by Dorothy Stahlnecker on June 8, 2009 at 1:21pm
Sadly isn't it so..thanks for your comment and let's hope we can get the word out that it's life.

Dorothy from grammology
Comment by Nile Flores on June 3, 2009 at 9:52pm
It is not easy. I think it was hard for me. I knew how to work hard at different things, but was not prepared for a real job outside of babysitting when I was a teen. I hope to teach my son the value of a job, and perhaps he may be able to succeed far more than myself earlier in life so that he will be comfortable in life.

I see a lot of people who do think that 'job' is a dirty word.

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