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Toddler Life – The Vomit Tidal Wave of Destruction

There are many things you deal with as a parent that you never knew existed- and some of them you probably wish didn’t!

A classic – projectile vomit. Seriously though how do these kids do it? As adults this is a very difficult thing to do – but nope seems to come natural to a LO.

Your LO wakes in the night crying ‘mummy mummy’ – oh god awake again at some un-god forsaken hour – you grumble to yourself as you stroll down the landing in a huff – kids probably lost his sock again.

You enter and your LO is covered head to toe in sick and so is everything in his cot bed. GREAT! My poor little one, let mummy tidy you up – it will be ok..mummy’s here now.

This isn’t as simple as it sounds though – for starters your LO is a moving entity & very strong willed, its hard to persuade them to keep still in one spot so that you don’t get sick prints all over the carpet. Then there’s their pjs – how on earth do you get them off without getting more sick in their hair.

The bed – urgh the bed – no worries you have a mattress with a protective cover on – ah it hasn’t worked as well as hoped, the mattress is damp and you still need to put your little one back to bed. They could sleep in bed with you? Hell no! I don’t want to end up in a tidal wave of vomit in my sleep! Hmm what to do what to do – ah-ha! I’ll turn the mattress over – god I’m a genius at 2am.

So after finally tidying up the mess and nearly hurling yourself at the stench – seriously what do these kids eat? You finally get your little-one back to sleep and get comfy in your bed – ah comfy good good I can try and get some sleep.

Then you hear it ‘Mummy, Mummy!’ yup you’ve guessed it another vomit tidal wave …sigh its going to be a long long, and one more for luck long night!


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