Toning your body with liposuction

People across the globe have been turning to liposuction in order to tone their bodies. You must know that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure and only helps with removal of stubborn fat deposits from certain areas of your body. You must be at your ideal body weight to be a good candidate for the procedure. Disproportionate fat deposit which is resistant to exercise and diet can be removed with this procedure.

When you opt for a liposuction, you can:

  • Remove stubborn fat deposits from areas like the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips and buttocks, arms, neck and face.
  • Get rid of fat related problems like muffin top or love handles
  • Take care of unevenly distributed fat on your body
  • Boost your self-confidence with new body image

What can you expect during liposuction?

During your initial consultation with the surgeon, the surgeon will understand your goals and expectations; and also explain the details of the procedure and recovery. Depending on your goals, your surgeon may recommend a combination procedure. For instance, if you have excessive skin as well as fat, tummy tuck may be recommended as the combination procedure.

There are different techniques which can be used during your liposuction procedure and the surgeon may choose an ultrasound or tumescent technique. During the tumescent liposuction procedure, saline solution is injected into the areas requiring fat removal. This solution is a combination of epinephrine which is a capillary constricting drug and lidocaine which is an anesthetic. The introduction of the solution swells the area making it easier for the surgeon to contour it. The anesthesia eliminates the need of IV sedation and epinephrine prevents blood loss. Through the small incisions made in the area, a cannula is inserted to remove the fat through suction.

The ultrasound technique uses a special cannula which causes vibration using high energy sound waves causing rupture in the walls of the fat cells. This liquefied fat can then be easily removed with the cannula. Both these techniques can be used together as well.

Recovery from liposuction

Your recovery won't’ be long and you can return to your routine within a few days. The recovery also depends on how extensive your procedure was. A compression garment reduces the swelling and bruising offering support to the abdomen. As the months pass, the skin in the area begins to tighten and you will see your complete results. Most people see their final results within 6 months from their procedure.

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