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Tools to Help You Study While Raising a Family

Studying while raising a family can be incredibly challenging, yet still rewarding and exciting. It is possible to enjoy both, and be successful, without getting too stressed out. The following tools may be able to help you.

Online Study

Many universities now offer great online study options, such as this online nursing degree from Arizona State University. Online study allows you to work around any other commitments you may have. You could work while the kids are in bed, or make the most of the time when they are at school. There are also many part time study options, both for online and in school courses.


Apps can be incredibly useful to you. Evernote is a great app when it comes to taking notes on the go. You can make lists, add photos or just write yourself notes. Link your profile up to your computer and you’ll always have access to your work. Other great apps to help students include:

  • Lecture Capture apps, to help you record lectures without the need for recording devices.
  • Revision apps like StudyBlue, which helps make flashcards to aid your revision.
  • Exam prep apps, which help you revise for exams. These are particularly useful for online courses such as the online nursing program which do not designate revision time.
  • Easybib, which helps you create bibliographies for your essays, which can often be a time-consuming task.


Dropbox is a brilliant tool. Save a file to your Dropbox and you’ll be able to access it on all your devices. This is great for working on the go, or just being able to email files from your phone. Dropbox is also incredibly useful if you need photos or videos for your work. Take them on your smartphone, and they’ll be available on your computer as files you can add to assignments.

A Diary

A diary is an essential. While I’m sure you keep a lot of information in your phone, having it written in a diary is often a much better way of organizing things. Don’t just write down appointments and meetings. Set yourself small deadlines and goals, and write to do lists to help you meet them.

Wall Planner

A wall planner is a great idea if the diary just isn’t enough. Put it somewhere you see it every day. Use highlighters and stickers to make it colorful and eye catching, so it can’t be avoided. Remember to add any of your kids’ appointments or groups so you don’t forget them. Also, plan in any childcare you have or need to arrange.


If you are studying and raising a family, other people are the tool you need the most. Use family and friends to help out with the children wherever you can, especially at times when you have a big assignment due, or exams to study for.

Use everything you can to make things easier for yourself. Above all, remember to take a break from studying, and sometimes from your family. Allowing yourself some me time, a chance to recharge your batteries and be yourself will no doubt make you a better student and mother.

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