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Top 10 April Fools Day Pranks for Kids

April Fools Day pranks and tricks can be great fun.   I've always loved April Fools Day - lots of harmless fun and giggles.  Pranking my husband takes a little more planning, but the kids are just too easy to trick and they always reward me with squeals of laughter!  They also like to get involved and with my help, they play tricks on each other.

I've compiled a list of my favorite kids pranks.  I've tried most of these on my own kids and can guarantee many laughs!  Maybe a couple of eye-rolls from older kids.  But you'll have a good laugh.  Oh, and make sure to yell "APRIL FOOLS" after each one!



1. "Eeeek!"  Have a fake mouse come visit.  There are many good locations for hiding a mouse ~ inside a kitchen cabinet, in a sock drawer, under the sink, on someone's pillow... the list is endless!

[caption id="attachment_927" align="aligncenter" width="639"]FullSizeRender 15[/caption]


2. Put googly eyes on everything in the refrigerator.  Silly, but it is very funny when the kids open the door!

[caption id="attachment_917" align="aligncenter" width="511"][/caption]


3.  When your kids are sleeping, switch them into each other's bed.  They'll wake up very surprised.  (If your kids are little, you may not want to risk waking them up!)

[caption id="attachment_925" align="aligncenter" width="627"]IMG_0178[/caption]


4. Serve them a glass of "jello juice" for breakfast.  You'll need to make this the night before. 



5.  Turn pictures in the house upside down.



6. Replace Cheetos with carrots (cut the bottom of the bag open and tape it back together).  They won't be too happy at snack time!  I added an "APRIL FOOLS!" note inside.



7.  Change the language setting on your child's smart phone, or tablet device.  Gutten Morgen!



8.  Put a FOR SALE sign in your front yard, and tell them you are moving to Iowa.  This one is kind of mean.



9.  Glue coins to the ground (outside only!).  You'll thoroughly enjoy watching them try to pick up the coins.



10. Make faux lollipops from broccoli florets, tissue paper and candy sticks. Not such a great after-school treat!



Happy April Fools Day!  Enjoy the giggles!

~Cindie xo




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Comment by Ashley Owen on March 30, 2015 at 12:04pm

These are such cute ideas! My 5 year old loves to play jokes on me, so I definitely need to try a few of these on him.

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