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Most Popular Indian Baby Boy Names of 2018

Popular Indian baby boy names 2018 are a blend of the trends, modernity and core Indian culture. Modern Indian names are no more just limited to Hindu Gods and divine characteristics. The modern baby boy names in India reflect a selection of aspects that give a glimpse of modern India and its unparalleled culture. Below are some handpicked modern Indian baby boy names that may add spark to your baby’s personality.

Agastya – An ancient Hindu saint, who throws a mountain, powerful

Aseem – Who has no limits, who can’t be bound

Bhavin – A successful man, winner, who is living

Chinmay – Epithet used for Lord Ganesha, someone who has wisdom or knowledge of any field

Chetas – Originated from Chetna which means consciousness or intelligence

Divit – Who defeated death, immortal

Darsh – Short form of Darshan meaning vision or perceive, related to Lord Krishna

Ehan – Something expected from someone or simply expectations

Hridaan – The word has been derived from Hriday which means heart, the name means a person with a big heart, someone born to lead

Aryan: Noble. Aryan is one of top 10 names since 2008

 Choosing the right name for the newborn can be confusing for new-age parents. A lot of factors are influenced after giving a name like personality, self-esteem etc. The above Indian baby boy names are trendy, mellifluous and inspiring. You can choose an adorable name from the above list for the new entrant that resonates with your partner’s choice.   


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