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Top 10 Ways Single Moms Can Protect Their Families

For the most part, single moms are well-equipped to handle most situations. Whether it is the fruitless search for a lost toy or putting the fear of God in your young ones whenever they threaten to go astray, mothers pride themselves in being able to handle whatever curve balls that are thrown at them on a daily basis. However, not being able to protect your family in case of a threatening situation is something that can get you a bit anxious. Albeit, you know that you can dial 911 in case of a situation, wouldn’t it be more ideal if we knew how to handle the circumstance as it happened? Or better yet, prevent it from happening in the first place? Here are ten of the best ways that you can employ to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

1. Invest in Security Systems

Research indicates that up to 88% of robbers would not attack a house if they realized that it has a surveillance system. Additionally, a highly-experienced security service system will also alert you in case of a fire and even help you in a medical emergency. In conjunction with the outside surveillance system, you should also invest in an indoor security system that streams the feed directly to your phone and you can observe every single room in your house. The ADT Pulse App is ideal for this use. This will be highly beneficial in case the burglar is able to bypass the outside system.

2. Do Not Reveal That You Are a Single Mother to Everyone

Single moms are easy targets. Whether you are new to a neighborhood or you just made a new friend, it is wise to keep this type of information private. Additionally, as a precaution, change how your name appears in things like your mail, phone number listing and mailboxes to a way that no one can tell whether you are a man or woman. Avoid using the title Miss or Ms. before your name too when it comes to general information about your residence. For instance, a K. Jones would suffice instead of Katie Jones. Another important thing to consider when it comes to privacy is social media. Do not make it obvious that you live alone with your children; there are people with evil intentions out there.

3. Ensure Doors and Windows are Bolted

As a single mom, it is perfectly acceptable to develop an O.C.D for making sure that your doors and windows are bolted at all times when you are alone with your child(ren). Installing a peep hole won’t hurt either. If you move into a new house, ensure that you replace the door locks with new ones. You never know who the previous occupants were. Also, if you happen to lose your keys and don’t have spare ones, do not have a locksmith make you another pair, replace the lock. For the spare key, only give it to someone that you trust with your life. Do not go for the old leaving the key under doormat or flower vase routine. Better safe than sorry.

4. Get a Dog

Having a four-legged companion will not only add warmth to the home, but is critical in ensuring your safety. Dogs have highly alert senses and can detect an intruder even before your security system does. Obviously, going for a guard dog is the better option. Breeds like Chihuahuas are good as house pets and will alert you in case of anything but let us be honest, they won’t do much in case the intruder breaks in. A guard dog like the German shepherd, on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with. Not only are they great with the children but are big and aggressive enough to subdue an intruder.

5. Get to Know Your Neighbor(s)

Not only is it courteous, but may save your skin at some point. Being a single mom means you are not at home for long hours at a go. Having a neighbor as a friend will ensure that someone will be looking out for you while you are not alone. Additionally, you can join an organization like USAonWatch. It is a program that was designed by the National Sheriff’s Association that allows you to search your area and find a local neighborhood watch.

6. Make a Response Plan

You never know, you might have the surveillance on point but the intruder breaks in anyway. What do you do? It’s only a good idea to have a plan just in case they do break in. While you’re at it, design a plan for a fire emergency too. This will involve discussing with your children on what actions you will all take in the event something happens. If the children are a bit older, create code words that you will use. You can contact a highly-experienced security service to help you design one. Go over the plan with the kids every once in a while to ensure that they know what to do in case of the emergency. Preparing everyone mentally is also beneficial because in the event something does happen, you won’t be petrified with shock.

7. Designate a Safe Room

In the event an intruder does break in, do not attempt to confront them. Choose one of the rooms in your house to be the ‘safe room’ in case of a situation. It could be your bedroom or any other so long as it is strategic. Being strategic means that it is not the first room that the intruder will come across when they are looking for you and also it should have a means of escaping like a fire escape or at least a window. It is also wise to ‘break-proof’ the door to the room so that it can resist forced entry. A highly-experienced security service can help you with this. Also ensure that you have a bit of provisions like water and some snacks in there to help you contain the situation. Eating has a way of calming down people; you do not want your children to be panicked. Additionally, have a phone in this room that you will use to call for help.

8. Learn How to Engage Intruders

This will involve taking a bit of self-defense training. This doesn’t mean going John Rambo on the intruder. The best offense is a good defense; hide. If they find you and the police have not arrived yet, do not be panicky; calm down and be cooperative. Also, do not engage them in eye contact, try to be submissive. Often, complying with burglars is more likely to save your skin than trying to be defensive.

9. Decide How to Arm Yourself

As a single mom, you are in charge of your children’s protection. Things might get messy and you wish that you had something to defend them with. Check out the state laws on gun possession and decide whether you will have one. Next, learn how to use it. For safety reasons, make sure that when you hide it somewhere in the safe room, it is not loaded. Have the bullets hidden somewhere else. This might seem a bit tenacious but you’d rather have it and not use it than not have it and wish you had it.

10. Always Research About the Neighborhood Before You Move

Some places are prone to violence or burglary. In case you have to move your family to a different state, always do a search on its crime rates and read reviews on the area. This will help you make your decision.

Being a single mom means being given more than you can handle. This is what usually makes you strong anyway. So do not be afraid to step up to the task and handle security in your home. It will help you and your family sleep better at night.

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