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The weight of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a significant disruption worldwide for the whole of 2020. Businesses are now working to rebuild and adapt to the fast-changing technologies and consumer behavior in 2021. 

As cash retreated throughout 2020 owing to the restrictions on physical point-of-sale brought about by the pandemic, there has been an emerging dominance and acceptance of payment technologies. As online sales boom, credit card processors are repackaging to adapt to the ongoing transition. You learn how credit card processing works before choosing a suitable payment provider.

What Should You Consider When Choosing

Most businesses now rely on payment technologies for all the details of accepting credit and debit cards. Hence, a credit card is a critical service to every business as it ensures customers can check out quickly and fast. Trying to choose the most suitable credit card processor can be overwhelming to new business start-ups like existing enterprises. 

Compared to any significant financial decision in the business; hence, you must compare all the options. Choose the most accessible and most affordable payment provider among the various options available. As you shop around for the most suitable payment processor, you need to consider the essential factors.

Credit card processing fees and costs.

Credit card payment companies charge fees such as interchange, application, and setup, monthly minimum, monthly minimum, monthly gateway access, early termination fees, etc. Before settling on a payment company of your choice, you must understand all the fees and costs charged and the terms of their service.

In case of questions about the fees, costs, or terms of service, ensure that they are all answered by the company's representative. If they cannot give a detailed explanation of the fees and costs, you might need to continue with your search.

Amount of time taken to set up

The process of setting up the payment technology should not only be fast but easy for your staff. Before settling on a credit card processing provider, find out the total amount of time for installing the equipment and setting up your account.

Types of payments accepted.

Depending on the business you operate, you might want a payment processor that accepts all major debit and credit cards lest you turn away some of your customers.

Customer support offered

When using credit card processing services, you are bound to run into technical hitches. Before choosing a payment provider, ensure that they not only provide 24/7 customer service support, but you can also get direct assistance from one of the account representatives in case you have any questions. In addition, consider a payment company that accepts new technologies.

Businesses that deal with tech-savvy clients must consider, in addition to all other factors, a credit card processor that embraces Near-field Communication (NFC) Technology. NFC allows your business to accept payments through digital wallets such as Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

Three Best Credit Card Processing Services


Although ProMerchant is a relatively new company in the credit card processing industry, it has proved exceptional in customer support over its years of existence. It supports various types of businesses, including retail businesses, online stores, and restaurants. One of the best advantages of ProMerchant is that its customers can enjoy the flexibility of shifting to another payment processor without worry as it does not charge early termination fees.

Merchant One

Merchant One has proved to be a top pick over the years of its existence due to its robust features designed for small enterprises. The processor accepts payments from major payment methods such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc. One of the major advantages of using Merchant One is that your decision-making regarding cash flow enabled by powerful features and integrations is made easier and better.


Fees and costs attached to using Fattmerchant are limited to a monthly subscription fee, a flat-per transaction fee, and interchange-plus pricing. There are no additional fees and costs for using Fattmerchant, making its fair and straightforward pricing model one of its best advantages.

They have a dashboard that allows businesses to analyze total sales made in real-time.

Easy access to customer service, transactional speed, solid and reliable uptime record, and a transparent and fair rate structure make up the most suitable payment provider for your company. If you are looking for a customized payment solution that enables your customers to pay anytime and from anywhere, contact us for more information.

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