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Top 3 birthday gifts for baby and kids



If you are going to join a child's birthday party, probably you are wondering which gifts you should take with you. There are different kinds of gifts available in the market. Choosing the right one for the child is a difficult task.

There are few things you have to consider while choosing a gift. Birthday gifts for a one-year-old child are entirely different than a gift for a 10 years old child or an aged child. If you cannot decide, you can inquire their respective parents technically about their choice. The next thing is to consider your budget. You definitely won't want to buy gifts that are too cheap or too expensive. Compare the price of the all available options.


Birthday gifts for kids:

There are many options available in the market. You can buy books, toys, legos, stickers as gifts. But not all gifts are suitable for every child. According to my opinion, the three best birthday gifts for a child are Baby Strollers, Kids Scooters and Baby Bassinets. Baby Strollers and Baby Bassinets are suitable for neonates and infants. Kids scooters are ideal for older children.


Baby Strollers:

The baby stroller is an excellent birthday gift for infants and even toddlers. As baby strollers can be chosen as a gift if the baby weighs less than 50 lbs.

Many parents use strollers to take their baby with them when they go for a walk or shopping. It can also be used to take the baby in the fresh air. Babies love fresh air, and so it helps a fussy baby fall asleep. A stroller becomes the best friend to the parents when they want to leave the house. There are several types of strollers available. You can choose one according to the babies age. Here some examples:


Stroller Frames

These are lightweight and can be folded. They are really suitable for the babies up to 12 months. Stroller frames can carry babies weighing up to 25 pounds. These consist of the handle, basket wheels, and infants car seats. It is not suitable for aged children as they don't like to be kept in lateral position all the time.


Travel Systems

These strollers have attachable car seats. So they can be used to move a baby from car to stroller while the baby is sleeping. As it comes with car seats, it can save your money as well.


Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella Strollers are lightweight and cheap, so these are easily affordable. It can be used for a child older than 6 months. It is not suitable for infants because it does not have enough support and cushioning.


Kids Scooters:

The Kids Scooters are suitable for children who love to play around and spend time outside. It is a tool for the children to have healthy fun and keep them away from computer screens. There are different types of Scooters available. 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, and pro scooters are among the popular ones.


Three wheeler scooters:

These are usually first scooters of a child. Those scooters have three wheels, so they have better stability, but runs at a lower speed. They have one wheel in the rear and two wheels at the front.


Two wheel scooters:

As the name suggests, they have two wheels. They are suitable for older children aging five to eight years. It is ideal for the children with good balance and can run at the faster speed. They are made of metal and can take more weight.


Electric scooters:

Electric scooters have a rechargeable battery and a motor, do not need manual pushing. They are heavier, more expensive and not suitable for stunts.

Some other types of scooters are off-road scooters, caster scooter, and pro scooters.


Baby Bassinets:

Many parents like to keep their child in cribs. Cribs are small beds specially made for young children. Its cage-like design prevents accidental falling of the baby. Baby bassinets are good alternatives to cribs. These are one of the best birthday gifts for infants.

Baby bassinets are sleeping spaces for young babies. These are smaller than cribs, usually mobile. Experts say that babies should be kept in the same room as the parents during first six months. Baby Bassinets can be placed next to the mothers' bed which provides easy access to the baby during the night. Bassinets have several benefits over cribs. Mother's mobility is usually restricted after delivery. So she can easily have access to the baby without even leaving the bed.

If the bassinet is placed at the same height as the mother's bed, she can watch over her baby and touch her. This makes her confident that everything is okay during the night. If the mother is a light sleeper the squeaks and grunts, the baby may be uncomfortable.

 Few key points should be kept in mind while buying a bassinet. Bassinets can accommodate babies weighing up to 20 pounds. The bassinet should have wheels with the lock to prevent accidental movement. The mattress should be adequately supported. The sleep surface should be hard enough. The bedding sheet should fit the mattress perfectly. Last but not least, do not buy a bassinet for a baby older than 4 months.



There are many gifts available in the market. So It can be difficult for you to choose the right gift for the kid. Considering different aspects, you can buy Baby strollers, Kids Scooters or Baby bassinets. These are relatively cheap, affordable and easily portable. These are the gifts that the kid or their parents will surely like. for more information please visit

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