Top 3 Outdoor Team Building Activities to Try

When it comes to team-building activities, many groups often resort to ordinary things such as office parties or visiting a tourist site. Although this can still enhance team building, it is always necessary to try new team activities for your group. This can significantly help prevent boredom and give members a chance to engage in new activities. Many people prefer camping, hiking, or swimming as team building, although there always an opportunity to try out new activities.

If you have been hiking, swimming, or camping with your team, here are some new activities that could add fun to your team building activities:

1. Human Knot

Are you looking for outdoor team-building activities your group could try? If you are, then making a human knot is a good one. If you are engaging in outdoor activities, such as camping in Virginia, building a human knot with your team can enhance team cohesion. This activity is suitable for small groups, such as teams of five to twenty. If your team is bigger, consider breaking it into manageable groups.

There are no tools required for this activity, making it suitable for any group that wants to enjoy an outdoor activity. For the activity to work perfectly, every team member must understand the rules and adhere to them. The first step should be dividing the team into groups if you are too many. Once you are in groups, instruct every team to stand in circles with team members facing each other and shoulder to shoulder. Team members should then extend their hands across the circle to grab those of members across them randomly. Once this is done, the team must untangle the human knots created without releasing their hands. To add to the fun, teams can compete on who takes the shortest time to complete the task. The winners receive awards/gifts.

2. Egg drop challenge

Another simple team-building activity to try is the egg drop challenge since it does not require many supplies. All that is needed are raw eggs given to different teams and some office supplies to build a contraption. The purpose of this activity is to boost teamwork and time management. The teams will be giving about an hour to develop their device to protect the egg from break if dropped. Some of the office supplies needed for this activity include newspapers, tape, rubber bands, pencils, waste paper, plastic utensils, straws, and packaging materials. 

Once the time is up, instruct all the teams to collect their eggs and find a high place to drop them. The teams whose eggs survive the fall will have emerged winners. To find a winner, the activity can be repeated with the teams whose egg did not break, but the height of the fall can be increased until there is a clear winner. It is vital to note that this could take some time, and it is critical to consider the available time before choosing the activity.

3. Tree planting

As more people become aware of climate change impacts, many organizations are considering eco-friendly team-building activities. One of the activities that your team could try is tree planting. This activity requires prior planning. The first step is to identify a local park, forest, conserved area, or green space where your team can plant trees. You can then work with the relevant authorities to get permission before the due date. 

Also, remember to find a reliable supplier of seedlings who can supply them to the site during the team building. On the due date, team members are allowed to plant trees, after which you could all share drinks. You should also consider inviting a conservationist to give a team talk at the end of the session. This activity helps create awareness on conservation and allows team members to interact with each other. It also helps develop a sense of purpose for team members since it gives them a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Team Activities Rule

The activities discussed above are not exhaustive, which means that you might find other activities that could suit your team better. When choosing an outdoor activity, consider your team members’ age, interests, and convenience of such actions to your team. If your group comprises younger people, identify activities that are more physical and full of fun. If there are aging team members, ensure the activities you choose are ideal for them to avoid excluding their input. This is because the whole idea of team building is to get every team member involved.

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