Top 3 Reasons Why Physical Therapy After Surgery Is Essential

Physical therapists see hundreds of patients recovering from surgery each year. Whether you just had a knee replacement, spinal reconstruction surgery, or other highly invasive and complex procedure, working with a physical therapist may assist you in recovering and returning to your active lifestyle as quickly and as safely as possible. 

Here are some of the most significant reasons why you should consider seeing a PT after surgery:

1. Manage and reduce your pain 
A physical therapist can teach you exercises, conduct manual therapies, such as massage, and utilize non-invasive approaches to manage your pain to reduce your need for painkillers and other prescriptions. While many physical therapy methods can reduce inflammation, edema, and stiffness, many of them directly alter your central nervous system to help manage pain signals received by your brain

After some surgeries, such as hip and knee replacements, pain is common. And still, taking your painkillers as prescribed will help you get the most out of your physical therapy. Therefore, it's essential to discuss your pain medication alternatives with your doctor and to refrain from stopping or starting any medications without a specialist's approval.

Furthermore, evidence shows that physical therapy is a safe alternative to or a useful supplement to effective pain management in the post-surgical period. Therefore, make sure to also ask your physician to refer you to a physical therapist.

2. Minimize the risk of complications 
Postoperative bleeding, infections, and reduced range of motion are all possible complications after surgery. Working with a physical therapist can reduce your risk of problems, which can help you feel less stressed, lower medical expenses, and protect your health in both the long-term and short-term perspectives.

Physical therapists, for example, are trained to teach you how to move and do everyday activities safely. If your surgeon recommends you take specific precautions or restrict your activity for a period of time after surgery, your physical therapist may educate you on how to adhere to these limitations and adjust them as needed.

In order to help you move more safely and safeguard your body after surgery, physical therapists might also prescribe and install fit equipment like walkers and braces. Your physical therapist can act as a bridge between you and your surgeon, communicating with them about your needs and advancement. In the case of a problem, this will enable your medical team to communicate more quickly.

3. Speed up your recovery
The human body is extremely strong and perfectly capable of healing itself. Patients may improve their ability to heal themselves and learn to work with their bodies with the assistance of a physical therapist.

Your physical therapy team can help you stay on track during your rehabilitation by reducing pain and minimizing the likelihood of complications, allowing you to quickly regain and improve your strength, balance, mobility, endurance, and overall function.

The bottom line
When you see your physical therapist, they will be able to evaluate your post-surgery condition and work with you (as well as your surgeon or family doctor) to develop a personalized rehabilitation program that is focused on your recovery. Physical therapy is nothing to be afraid of. Your therapist will be by your side every step of the way to ensure that you are recovering and getting healthier, as well as enhancing your mobility and assisting you in regaining your independence.

Pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation may help make any significant procedure as easy on your body as possible. Pre-surgical rehabilitation is usually recommended for the best results, even though it is not always required as part of a treatment plan. Treatments both before and after surgery always yield the best results.

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