7 Tips For High School Coaches To Try Next Season

For anyone who loves sports and helps develop kids and teenagers, becoming a high school coach could be a dream and excellent career path. Anyone who does become a coach at the high school level could find that it comes with many challenges in developing athletes and putting out a competitive team. There are seven tips that high school coaches should try to follow, which could help them be more successful the following season.

Recruit Players

One of the essential parts of being a successful high school coach is getting the right kids on the field. While you can post information about open tryouts, some of the school’s natural athletes still may not come out for the team. To ensure that you are getting the best players possible, you need to recruit to ensure the kids are trying out actively. Some great ways to do this include having current team members recruit other players or speaking to gym teachers and other coaches who may identify the school’s top talent.

Objective Approach to Building a Team

Depending on the sport that you are coaching, you may only have a dozen or fewer spots to fill while many more kids could be trying out. To ensure that you are picking a fair and balanced team, you should take an objective approach to put a team together. A coach should also consider each player’s strengths and weaknesses while finding the team’s right balance.

Make Development a Year-Long Task

While the sports season for any individual high school sport may only last a few months, the time that goes into making a good player takes all year. A coach should encourage athletes to stay in shape during the offseason and work on their craft. This can be done by having team gym hours, having players participate in other sports, and finding time to work on fundamentals during the offseason.

Have Team Look and Feel their Best

When playing in a game, a team will usually play their best when they feel their best. For a team to feel their best, they should have high-quality jerseys to help them stand out against the competition. You should look into getting custom jerseys that will have the school logo on the front and have each player’s name on the back. This personalized jersey can help a player fee and have fun and excitement when putting on their new jersey before a big game.

Get to Know Players

As a high school coach, you will be a big role model in the student athlete’s life. Due to this, a coach should take it upon themselves to make sure that they are getting to know each kid on their team. You should take time for one-on-one discussions with the kid to discuss the team, the sport, and their education, personal life, and future goals after high school. You could also find time to provide valued advice if they are struggling with any aspects of being a student-athlete.

Identify Leaders

Not only does the coach need to lead, but there also have to be identified leaders on the team. You should look for players that are not only skilled but have strong leadership skills and work hard. These players can help you lead others and should be identified as team captains.

Focus on Education

While a high school coach will want to win games, it is not the most important thing for any player. A coach should also take on the responsibility to ensure that their players are doing well in school and acting correctly. This should include checking player grades and limiting participation if a student falls behind or has gotten into trouble. Doing this can help ensure you have well-rounded athletes that are ready for life after high school.

If you are a high school coach, there will always be challenges in being a leader, developing talent, and winning games. These seven tips could help anyone be more successful in the upcoming year.

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