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Top 5 Neglected Things in Preparation of Baby Birth

When I was pregnant first time, I never thought I had to prepare for many things other than just a hospital bag. I dint plan for early days baby photoshoot and not even the baby foot and palm prints. But I learnt from my mistakes and prepared well for my 2nd baby delivery.

Here are some of those important tips for new moms to enjoy early baby days and to cherish those lovely memories for ever.

1. Prepare for First Baby Photo Shoot.

Buy the baby props for photography, these days many maternity hospitals have photo studios too for day 1 or day 2 photo shoot. Think of simple yet unique poses before delivery.

2. Baby Names

Don’t keep a long list of baby names as your shortlist before baby’s arrival. Once baby is born, you wont get enough time to discuss and finalize the name so its better that you have the name ready before baby is born. It’s the decision for lifetime so better be prepared than taking decision in rush.

3. Palm and Foot Prints:

Talk to your doctor if the nurses will help in taking the day one palm and foot prints for your baby scrap book. Baby’s tiny little hands and feet will change every day. And its easy if you take help from nurses as babies are very delicate to handle in first few weeks.

4.Baby Birth Announcement Card

Announcing the birth in very unique way will require some hard work from you which is difficult once baby has arrived. Make a beautiful card and keep it ready a week before your due date. You can use tools/websites like for making unique and attractive cards.

5. Music List

The new mom may need to relax in hospital after baby birth, the music works best and especially during breastfeeding sessions you may want to relax so keep your music ready in your smartphone etc.

If you are a mom and would like to share some ideas, please do comment.

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