Top 5 Reasons Moms Should Return to Work

When it comes to motherhood, there is often an ongoing debate about whether or not women should head to work or stay home after delivering their baby. For some moms, it can be rewarding to stay at home and raise their children on their own without professional help. For others who aren't ready to exit the workforce, there are a few reasons why they can and should continue having a career.

  1. Remain Independent

For many moms, it can be easy to become consumed with parenthood and raising children. There are not many breaks that can come with taking on a role as a stay-at-home mom, which can make it easy to become overwhelmed and exhausted from the daily routine. Some moms can lose their identity in motherhood and forget what they enjoy outside of caring for little ones. Returning to work can make it possible to remain independent and remember who you are aside from being a parent. You can have other responsibilities and roles outside of motherhood, which can allow you to maintain a sense of yourself as your kids grow and develop.

  1. It's Easier to Find Employment Opportunities

In past decades, it was often challenging for women to find employment after becoming a mother. Today, it's easier to secure jobs and find a position that you enjoy due to the many different resources that are available. You can search online for positions that are available in the local area and also obtain help from employment agencies that can connect you with companies.

You can even become a stronger candidate by editing and updating your resume with organizations like Employment BOOST Outplacement.

  1. Financial Stability

Financial stability can be obtained by working full-time after having children, which can allow you to avoid becoming dependent on your spouse. In half of all marriages, the husband passes away or leaves the wife, making it necessary to have your own income and avoid jeopardizing your financial stability if the unexpected occurs. You can enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle by going back to work and can provide your children with more resources and opportunities instead of living paycheck to paycheck as a one-income household. You can also reward yourself and avoid feeling guilty when you indulge.

  1. Avoid Gaps in Your Resume

For many women who are driven and have goals, it can be easy to have gaps in your resume if you take time off to raise your kids. You can derail your success in your career and have a more difficult time climbing the corporate ladder if you take several years off. You can have peace of mind knowing that you're making progress in your career and can continue to succeed professionally after becoming a mother.

  1. Remain Fulfilled

Having your own career can allow you to remain fulfilled and enjoy working while accomplishing new goals as an adult. You can feel more well-rounded or healthy mentally by having other aspects of your life other than raising children, which can benefit your kids in the long run.

You can feel like you're contributing both at home and in the workplace, which can allow you to grow and develop as a woman without feeling limited in parenthood. You'll feel rewarded as you continue to learn and become more well-rounded while also interacting with other individuals in a stimulating environment. Your success in your career can be fulfilling and rewarding, which can enhance your quality of life.

Although it can be challenging to know if you're meant to return to work after becoming a mother, there are many benefits it can offer. By understanding how it can improve your quality of life, it can be easier to have peace of mind with your decision.

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Comment by Megan on August 21, 2018 at 11:15am
This is very true Sopia, I have personally experienced that feeling of losing yourself while being a stay at home mom to 7! I am a paralegal by profession and I took almost 3 yrs off the work scene with my 5th daughter; when she was a little older than 2 yrs I started taking temp paralegal positions so that I could get out in to the working world at least a few mths a year and I managed to establish myself as a sought after temp professional in the legal.field. Doing this has allowed me to keep my skills up to date, network with other professionals and have a reason to dressup a little everyday to head in to work. It is so important for mommies to keep their own identity and money these days!



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