Top 5 reasons of frizzy hair and how to tame it

As someone who’s been dealing with frizzy hair the whole life, I may certainly relate to the struggle of failing to combat it every single time you want your hair to look semi-decent and sleek. I have quite straight hair, and apart from refusing to curl, being a bit dull, oily and particularly frizzy, I have pretty much nothing to complain about. But it’s that frizz that made my hair look extremely damaged and unhealthy. Bearing in mind that I use hot tools only a few times a year, apply deep conditioner and Moroccan oil every time I wash my hair (which is every other day or every three days) and that my hair type is as far from being dry (it’s moderately oily), I couldn’t understand why I still had to deal with frizzy hair.

Finally, I decided to take active measures to defrizz my hair. Learning about the factors that lead to the occurrence of this issues and trying to eliminate them looked like the most appropriate thing to do.

As I found out, the frizz appears when the cuticle layer of hair raises up, letting the moisture seep through and make the strands swell. That’s why even those people who have oily scalps may have frizzy, dry-looking hair past the roots. Obviously, those who have curly and wavy hair suffer from this problem a lot more than people with naturally straight hair, as the texture of curly hair makes it more prone to cuticle raising. But, apart from natural causes, there’re a number of other reasons that may contribute to the hair frizz. Luckily, you may totally control them and improve the state of your hair.

Why your hair gets frizzy and how to tame it

1. The way you shower

 If you want your hair to be more manageable and less prone to frizz damage, you need to avoid extremely hot showers. The matter is that the hotter the shower is and the longer you stay in it, the more your hair is subject to the negative influences of hot air and extreme moisture levels. As a result, those valuable natural oils that keep your hair shiny and hydrated, get stripped off your locks. Thus, your hair loses its natural frizz control tool. Prevent that by showering in lukewarm water.

2. Your hair is dehydrated

The lack of moisture is the main culprit of hair frizz. Therefore, deep conditioners, moisturizing masks and rich hair oils should become your hair care must-haves. Additionally, you need to help the natural oils you scalp produces to make down the strands by brushing it with a mixed bristle brush a few times a day.

Moreover, you have to watch how often you wash your hair and how much shampoo you use, as if you wash your hair every single day and poor a ton of sulfate-containing shampoo on it, you won’t be able to get rid of the frizz.

3. You rub your hair with a towel

Oh, if your hair could express its feelings, it would scream and cry while getting rubbed against the towel. When your hair is wet, it’s as delicate and damage-prone as it can be. If you rub it with a towel to get rid of the excess water, you’ll case the cuticle damage and contribute to the frizz. Break that habit and blot your wet hair with a towel instead.

4.You don’t control the damage

Split ends make hair look even more frizzy than it is, as well as cause further damage when not trimmed regularly. Don’t trust those hair product commercials that promise miraculous split ends cures. One the stand gets split, it can’t be restored even with $100 gold-containing mask. The only way to make your hair look healthier and prevent it from breaking and splitting even further is to go to the hairdressers and get your split ends trimmed every two months.

5. Your blow dryer and flat iron

 Even if you’re not the biggest fan of hot tools, you most likely don’t have that much time to let your hair dry naturally after the shower. If you keep losing your battle with frizz, you need to replace your old hairdryer with an ionic technology one, as it produces the negative charge that makes your hair look and feel a lot smoother. The way you use your flat/curling iron matters as well. Most of us believe that if we use hot tools on lower temperature setting, we won’t damage our hair that much. But, what happens in real life is that we lower the heat, start straightening out hair, but instead of running the device over the strand only once, we do it over and over again to reach the desired results. Therefore, keep your flat iron on the highest temperature settings to minimize the amount of time your hair is exposed to the heat. Don’t forget about heat protection, though.

Extra tips to combat frizzy hair

  1. Professional hair salons offer keratin straightening and hair lamination treatments, which are designed to combat the frizz and make your hair appear looking (and feeling) extremely shiny and sleek. You may also purchase smoothing and straightening products and use them at home.
  2. Replace your sulfate-containing shampoos with glycerin-based one, as this ingredient penetrates into individual hairs boosting the hydration effect and eliminating the frizz.
  3. If you’re anything like me, you blow dry your hair mostly to make it look straight and sleek. If that’s what you’re going for, let your hair air dry 80-90 percent of the way before blow-drying it to decrease the damage.
  4. If tiny frizzy hairs ruin your sleek updo, spray a bit of hairspray on a thin comb and run it brush those hairs up to make them stay in place.
  5. Replace cotton pillow cases with silk ones or sleep in a silk scarf/cap to prevent your hair from rubbing against the case, losing the moisture and frizzing up.

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