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Top 5 Tips to Keep A Spotless Home With Pets

If your home is an animal-loving household, it can be quite the task to keep clean. Dog owners, in particular, will understand the challenge of keeping their homes clean with their furry family running around.

Footprints tracking dirt all over the floors and fur on every surface within climbing distance, and food that must be carried into another room before being consumed for whatever strange reason are all great challenges to a clean home.

Here are 5 ways you can manage to keep things neat and tidy despite these cute bundles of dirt and grime roaming about.

#1 Use an Automatic Vacuum

Even with a non-shedding pet, you need to vacuum and sweep constantly. Hair, dirt, leaves, and other debris comes into the house on their paws and fur and track on the floors. By the time you are done vacuuming the house, it’s time to do it again. 

An automatic vacuum can make a huge difference in your house. It can run while you’re at work or asleep at night, and some models can even be programmed to run on a set schedule.

#2 Clean With A Lint Roller

Every furry pet owner should have a lint roller collection. If you don’t have one already, add it to your cleaning caddy. It is the perfect tool for cleaning lampshades, throw pillows, overstuffed furniture, and plenty of other surfaces.

Dog and cat owners should absolutely get a hold of a few of these, especially if it gets hot outside. These animals will shed and the hair will get quite literally everywhere. You will find yourself using these all the time, and they are great at what they do. 

#3 Keep Stain Removers Around

Even the most perfectly housebroken pets can have an issue when they get sick or eat something they should not have eaten. 

Especially if you have carpet, you should always keep a carpet cleaner on hand that is designed to tackle pet odors and stains. Use it on stains as soon as you see one, and be generous with the amount you spray.

Pet stain removers are available in almost all local supermarkets and pet stores, and even if you don’t use them much, it is a great idea to keep one handy. 

#4 Cover Up Their Favorite Spots

If your pet has chosen a frequent nap spot, throw a cover over it. A couple of spare sheets will do the trick and not only will this protect your furniture from hair and potential stains, but it will help keep odors down as well. 

The sheets can easily be thrown in the wash whenever needed and used again. This will both keep their special spot clean and even make it a bit more cozy for your furry friend.

#5 Wash Their Feet

This is especially important for all dog owners. Being prepared to wash paws on days with inclement weather is a great way to cut down on dirt and mud tracked in your home. 

Add a hook by the door to hold a towel for wiping paws. You can use a rimmed baking sheet to hold a half-inch of water outside the door. All you have to do is place your dog’s feet in the water and then dry them off. 


So this is where the top 5 tips for keeping a clean home with pets will come to a close. I hope you discovered some good ideas to keep both you and your pet happy in a clean environment.

All of the materials you need for these tips can be easily found at a pet store or with a quick search on your favorite shopping site. Best of luck in containing the mess your adorable little dirtballs create and be sure to give them some extra love when you come home to a nice clean house! 

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