Top 5 Unforgettable Giving Moments Of A Special Person

I would like to recognize a special person who is very giving all year long, not just during the holiday season.

That person taught me all year long that being giving does not have to be an elaborate event, it can be something small to make someone else smile. It can be anything from a warm smile, a friendly hug, sharing your food, devote your time and attention to one person, picking up an item someone else dropped on the floor to offering your favorite toys for a kid to play with.

To celebrate this holiday season, I would dedicate this post to my 2-year-old daughter, Coral.




  • On the Halloween night, we went trick-or-treating. We stopped by a haunted house in the neighborhood to trick-or-treat. There was a man with a blood-soaked mask roaming around dragging a huge ax on the ground. He stood behind us. Mr. Tropical & I jumped when we noticed him. However, Coral looked up at the scary man with her big brown eyes fearlessly. They maintained eye contact for a long minute. Coral rummaged inside her trick-or-treat bag and picked a piece of candy out. She extended the piece of candy to the blood-soaked masked man. He was taken back like he was astonished that a tiny 2-year-old Tinkerbell just offered him, a blood-soaked masked man dragging a huge ax, a piece of candy. I learned that she did not see any difference between the scary man and herself, just that they both should have candy.

  • I babysat a girl close in age as Coral a couple of weeks ago. That girl was obsessed with her small pinkish blanket and had to have it everywhere with her. The girl forgot her blanket behind in another room because she was occupied with a new toy, Coral saw the blanket. Coral knew that girl will freak out without the said blanket, so she grabbed the blanket and returned it back to the girl. Coral was so pleased every time the girl took the blanket back. She did that again and again for the rest of the day when that girl accidentally dropped her blanket. I learned that we need to be more considerate of other people’s property and treat it with care.


  • At Disney World, we were waiting outside to access the fast pass line for The Pirate Carribean ride. It was close to lunch time, so I handed Coral a bag of cheez-its from my backpack. She was enjoying her snack when a lady dressed up as a pirate approached her. Coral offered the pirate lady a cheez-it. The pirate lady politely declined Coral’s offer. Guess what Coral did next? She shoved the cheez-it in the pirate lady’s mouth. She would not take NO for an answer. I learned that we should share our food with others, because maybe they did not have anything to eat that day. I also learned that we need to teach her not to shove food in other people’s mouths.


  • One day when I was cleaning the house, I noticed that Coral was nowhere to be seen. I searched the entire house. Where did she go?! Finally, I spotted her under the bed with our dog, Elena. Coral was stroking her while she rested. She gave Elena plenty of love and attention for a solid twenty minutes under the bed. I learned that we need to be extra caring and attentive to our family pets and it does not matter if we get nothing in return.

  • Every time we have guests in our home, Coral will make sure that they get an opportunity to touch and play with all of her stuffed animals, toys and books. It does not matter if they are perfect strangers, family or even hired workers (plumbers, cable service, etc). She often aspired to make them feel welcomed. If a guest sits down on the couch, expect to see all of her stuff piling up on the couch and the guest. If a guest goes outside, expect to see Coral take their hand and show off all of her stuff. If a guest is eating, expect to see her reading them a book while eating. I learned from her that we should not be stingy with our stuff because they are meant to be enjoyed with someone else.


What are your unforgettable moments with a giving person this year?

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