Top 5 Worst Food for Your Oral Health

More than 700 different classes of microbes are present in our mouths, part of which are friendly and the rest are nasty. The dangerous bacteria transform carbohydrates from foods and beverages into acids, which over time can deplete critical nutrients from your teeth and lead to cavities. In case you don't practice proper teeth cleaning, germs will increase the plaque amount on your teeth, which can raise their acidity and provide the perfect conditions for additional pathogens to grow.

Tooth tartar, which can irritate your gums and result in gingivitis, can form if dental plaque builds and hardens enough. That means you should avoid any type of sticky, sugary, or starchy food due to its ability to boost the raise of plaque. Alcohol, sugary cereal, and popcorn are in the forbidden group, as well. Here are  5 foods and drinks that are surprisingly bad for your oral health.

1. Apples
Apples are extremely acidic and can be quite damaging to your enamel. Apples may keep the doctor away if eaten every day, but the acid in them may keep your dentist on fast dial. It's okay to eat apples as long as you immediately rinse your mouth out with water or mouthwash. Make a note, that apples' natural crunch and enhanced salivation work to fortify gum tissue and drain out microorganisms that damage teeth.

2. Pasta and salad dressings
Despite being an awesome source of nutrients, tomatoes contain acid. Since the acid in tomato sauce corrodes your teeth and the sugars in the pasta feast on the germs which cause cavities, dining pasta with red gravy can multiply and hurt your enamel.

Even while eating a salad may seem like a healthy choice, many popular salad dressings include a lot of sugar. The sneakiest offenders are balsamic vinaigrette and honey mustard, which have a high-calorie content as well.

3. Not all coffee is healthful
Coffee and tea can be healthy beverage options when consumed in their natural forms. Sadly, a lot of individuals can't help but add sugar. Tea and coffee with caffeine can also cause mouth dryness. Regular coffee and tea use can also discolor your teeth. If you do consume, remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and limiting your intake of extras.

4. Crackers
Thousands of people, choose crackers as their snack of choice because they sound quite safe. This product makes a good snack when consumed in moderation. Crackers, however, contain refined carbs, and numerous studies have connected a high intake of refined carbohydrates to inflammation. Numerous chronic disorders, like periodontitis and gingivitis, are brought on by inflammation. So just be careful not to eat too many crackers!

5. Mints 
It might surprise you to learn that those tasty little snacks that are supposed to refresh our breath might really aggravate it and harm your teeth. You see, sugar makes up the majority of the ingredients in most mints. We eat mints by sucking them, usually hiding them in our cheeks to savor them gradually. The bacteria in our mouths, however, literally have a field day with that lump of sugar as it slowly melts against our teeth as a result. The simplest approach to avoid this is to choose a mint or gum without sugar to stop the bacteria from feasting.

The bottom line
We advise contacting your dentist if you want to find out more about how to maintain your smile healthily and bright. The specialist may help you by teaching you how to properly take care of your teeth, supposing you appreciate food variations that might not be the best for your smile, in addition to scheduling you for routine dental cleanings.

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