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A tragic accident happened at our local Pittsburgh Zoo over the weekend.  I struggled with posting something about it for fear of what would happen in the comment section being that our platforms are ‘open’.  If you haven’t heard the story, a 2 year old boy, Maddox Derkosh, was lifted by his mother onto a railing at the African Painted Dog Exhibit.  As you can see below, Maddox wears glasses and his mother was just trying to give him a better view of the dogs.  When she lifted him onto the railing, Maddox fell.  He landed on a safety net but then bounced onto the ground where he was immediately mauled by painted dogs.  (read story)

While many people have been responding to this story with love and compassion and sympathy; what saddens me is to see the ‘human packs’ that came out of the woodwork.  Men and women mauling his poor mother, pointing the finger, calling names and jabbing her where there’s already open wounds.  Its sickening and heart wrenching and it needs to end.  This mother’s attempt to help her child see better ended in a horrific tragedy that no one can fathom.  The pain that she will feel for the rest of her life is unimaginable.  I wish that we could all wrap her in our arms and hold her up during this time rather than attack her at her lowest point.   She needs so much love and support right now and if we come together to support her, we can slowly push aside all of the people who are saying such horrible things about her.

Here are a few things we can do:

-  A woman (or shall I say, Angel) named Kristin Nock set up a Facebook Page for those who want to donate funds.  The money raised will cover all funeral costs and money lost from time off of work.  Her 1st goal was $3K and they passed it!  2nd goal was $8K and they passed it too!  Let’s help pass the 3rd goal by joining this group and donating: R.I.P. Maddox Derkosh

-  This is another Facebook Group collecting donations for Maddox’ Family: Peace and Prayers for Maddox

-  Also, the Derkosh Family is asking that in lieu of flowers, those interested can give toy construction trucks that will be donated to a children’s Christmas charity in the memory Maddox. The trucks will be accepted at Derkosh’s Funeral Mass at St. Bernard Church in Mt. Lebanon at 10 a.m. on Friday.

Dear God,

Please hold this family tight in your arms.  Comfort them and give them the strength they need during this time.

With deepest sympathy and sincere condolences…


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