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Marriage intrigues me. The concept and complexity of marriage is too
big to contemplate at times. I have been fascinated with the
intricacies of relationships since I was a little girl, and most likely
because the first adult relationship I knew intimately, my parents', was
a marriage that couldn't work. I realized, before I could even
verbalize it, that there is a lot about relationships that is out of our
control, and that is a scary proposition. I wanted to take control of
what I could, so I became an avid student of relationships and marriage,
well before I did "real" research for my book.

I know that in my first grade journals, I talked about how much I "loved" one of the boys
in my class, and there were games we played on the playground that
simulated being married. As I got older, and into high school, I studied
the way my friends' parents would interact and I started to catalog
some of those traits I hoped to emulate. I am sensing relationship
curiosity for all three of our children, and I am thrilled that they are
comfortable enough to talk to me while still at the age that they might
listen. That is why I am actively promoting "Marriage Training" for
our kids. My definition of "Marriage Training" is the fostering and
encouraging of age-appropriate relationships with members of the opposite

Click here to read more about a recent training session with my 9-y...

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