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Trending 2017 Block Heel And Boots For Women

There are several types of shoes in the market particularly for those women who are obsessed with shoes. The available shoe trends will enable your plan effectively making you well prepared for the coming seasons. There are warm block heels and boots, which are meant to keep you warm during the winter season and open block heels and boots for the summer season. These trends will help make your shoe shopping easier and helping your choose from the wide-ranging list that is available in the market.

Shoe Trends

There are several shoe trends in 2017 that will ensure that you are always comfortable in what you wear whether it will be during summer or winter. These shoe trends includes sandal booties for women which are light and give you the comfort that you need. Make sure that you do your shopping as early as possible for proper planning and to make sure you do not do last minute purchase. There are winter and summer shoe trends for you as discussed below:

 Winter Block Heel And Booties Shoe Trends

These are shoes that give you the warmth you require for your legs while making you look classy and presentable. There are those fashions that have been in the market for several years but still are the thing and those newly invented trends for you this season. They include the following:

1. Open Toes

These types of shoes may have features like straps, buckle or black body. These will leave your toes and your ankle exposed. You can choose to wear these types of shoes with socks to keep you warmer if you find that the cold is biting your legs. They come in different colors and you can choose the color that you want. You have a choice of the height of the shoe heel too so that you buy a shoe that you will walk on it comfortably.

2. Leather Shoe All Over

These types of shoes were trending last year and expected to be still at the top of the market this year. They can be ankle height or knee high depending on your dressing. They are of distinct colors too and you can find the type with round wedged or squared wedged for you. they are mostly closed shoes which keeps your feet warm throughout and makes you feel comfortable all day or night long.

3. Suede Shoes

These types of shoes are either camel or beige colors. They can be ankle high or slightly above your knees shoes which can have laces or not. The lacing can be done at the side or at the front depending on your choice. These shoe trends also can be pointed at the toes or can be squared. This type of shoe can have more than one straps on either sides or at the front, half calf boots or the laced up royal suede shoes. These designs are specifically for you to choose a comfortable one.

Summer Block Heel And Booties

There are several sandal booties for women and other shoe fashions for the summer season as discussed below:

1. Open Back Footwear

These are the type of shoe that can either have thin or thick strands around your ankle. The strands can be colored or are in a pattern. This design will expose the back of your foot and make you look amazing at a party or informal function.

2. Tying Round The Ankles

These are the kind of shoes which have straps to be tied around your ankles. The straps can either be thick or thin depending on your choice. You can choose to tie at the back of your ankle, at the side or in front for a great look. Choose the size of your heel as you desire and the height that you will be comfortable in.

3. Rounded Heels

These are the type of shoe fashion meant for those individuals who are not comfortable with pointed heels. It makes them walk comfortable and helps them balance their bodies well. They can be opened toes, opened back and strapped shoes. They are available in distinct designs and are of different colors for your own choice.


Plan yourself this year early enough for a smooth year. Choose to shop for your favorite types of shoes available in the market for the winter and summer season. This will help you comfortable and prepared for the year without being worried of what you will need last minute. Choose your colors well and make a choice of comfortable height of the shoe.

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