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Trending mailbox designs you need to try right now

When you are buying a new house, you want to make it feel like home and you use as many accessories as possible to design it in the sense when it is going to represent you and your family. Because it is placed in the front yard of your house, your mailbox is the first thing that someone sees when they come ne.... Not only that the postman that delivers you the newspaper every morning can see it but it might be placed next to the pedestrian area so this means that everyone walking down the street is able to see it as well. The custom of your mailbox should be related to something that you like and feel like it represents you and your household. Read below to see the latest trends in residential mailboxes designs that you should definitely try to make your yard look modern and stylish and your household different than all the others on the street you are living on.

1.      Wooden birdhouse

If you are a person that loves nature and likes to hear the birds chirping every morning when you are having your coffee on the deck in front of your house, you should absolutely choose a wooden mailbox that looks like a birdhouse because the birds will surely love to spend time in your yard and will come every day to enchant you with their beautiful singing. Also, it will match perfectly with your green yard and give a rustic and traditional atmosphere to your household.

2.      Unique mailbox

To be more specific, unique mailbox means whatever you would like to see every morning when you leave for work in order to brighten your day right from the beginning of it. You just have to be creative and choose a design that represents you and your interests. It can be the shape of a farm animal, a sunflower, a boat, a dog or a vintage car. You have a wide variety of possibilities that you can choose from, just use your imagination and custom your mailbox to be different from all the other ones in your neighborhood because it is more fun to be different than all the other boring mailboxes that your neighbors have, plus, whenever you are going to have guests they will know how to find your house more easily only by looking at your mailbox.

3.      Mailbox with dual post

If you and your husband or wife keep confusing each other’s mail and this always leads to missing out important letters, or you value privacy a lot and you want to respect each other’s privacy, you can opt for a mailbox with dual post and customize both of them with something that makes the difference between you two, so that the postman would know where to place the envelopes that he or she has for you and your partner. 

4.      Large mailbox for packages

When you are doing a lot of online shopping and you are expecting many packages, you do not want them to be placed in the front of your house where thieves can easily see it and steal it. However, you need to give other option for the courier to leave it rather than in front of your door. So, having a mailbox that has an option for the packages, as well, is a great idea. It will keep it safe and protected from being stolen and bad weather until you reach home and take it inside with you.

5.      Wall mailboxes

If you have other plans for your yard and you want to decorate it with some specific accessories that take a lot of space such as a pool or a playground for your kids and you need a solution for a small mailbox that can fit with the less free space that you have left, you need to consider having a wall mailbox that you can put on the wall of your house right next to the entrance and your yard will be free for you to use your imagination however you want. Moreover, you can choose between locking and non-looking wall mailboxes, depending if security is an issue in your neighborhood or not, and customize it with your name and address.

6.      Victorian mailbox

Classic, pedestal Victorian mailboxes are definitely one of the trendiest ones right now because of the antique charm that they have. Choosing a Victorian mailbox for the front yard of your house will definitely make your household look like a vintage and stylish one. Moreover, there are many colors and designs that you can choose from that will take you back in time into the Victorian era whenever you see it in front of your house.

7.      Holiday mailbox

Halloween is all about funny, yet spooky designs and costumes that bring an amazing charm to this holiday. It is an amazing idea to have a pumpkin mailbox to let all the neighbors of your street know that you are a household that they definitely have to visit on the Halloween night for trick and treat and having fun together. Also, if you love winter holidays such as Christmas, you definitely have to custom your mailbox according to it and decorate your front yard. A reindeer, Santa Clause or Christmas tree design for your mailbox is going to take your household right into the winter holidays atmosphere. 


Using your creativity, you can make something as basic as receiving a letter or packages be a lot more fun and interesting for you, your family and the postman. When it comes to designing your mailbox there is nothing that can stop you from choosing something absolutely amusing and original that will make your household be different from all the other ones in your neighborhood while keeping the letters and packages you receive safe until you come home. Try all these interesting and trendy mailboxes designs and choose the one that suits your interests and make your household look better.

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