Trends in 2019 Which Will Help You Make the Best Wedding

Let’s talk about trends for the new wedding season. What will be the wedding in 2019? What ideas and concepts are relevant in 2019? Read our great reviews and get inspired for a dream wedding!

Concepts and Format

In 2019, there is still a trend for unique concepts developed individually for each couple, because each love story is special, and it should be the center of attention!

Conceptual weddings

It's great when a wedding is created for the newlyweds and about the newlyweds. More and more couples organize holidays not according to classical principles but moving away from boring traditions and rules. More and more a turning a wedding into a creative project. You can arrange a ceremony on the roof, decorate the arch with pretzels or choose an image of an Indian princess for the bride. Preparation of such a celebration will require a lot of attention, time and creative approach, but the result is worth it!

Informal weddings

The less formal and pompous atmosphere, having only the closest people, means you can relax and just be yourself. Abandoning fluffy skirts and jackets in favor of a casual style, instead of a solemn dinner to have a picnic, start the wedding morning together, and go to the ceremony with your beloved pet - these are the decisions that ultimately create a unique atmosphere!

Outside ceremony in the premises

The idea to conduct an off-premise registration in the room is especially relevant for autumn and winter celebrations, in rainy weather, or simply to create a more cozy and intimate atmosphere. The main thing is to give the correct lighting and background, visually separate the ceremony area from the place of banquet and dilute the decor with cozy details.


The main trend in the decor of 2019 weddings is conceptuality, following one common idea. Don’t try to add too many things at once, on the contrary, modern wedding decor should be restrained and refined.

Color palette

Pastel and muted tones, the effect of ombre, soft play of color without screaming details - this will be the design of stylish weddings for 2019.

The color of the year is coral, which can be perfectly mixed up at summer weddings - it will help to create a sunny mood and will be perfect for both floristic design, the cake, and bridesmaid dresses. But to be guided in choosing the wedding palette you need not trends, but the concept of a wedding and your taste.

Decor without flowers

Environmental friendliness and conscious consumption are reflected in modern weddings. First of all, this is reflected in the rejection of the use of cut flowers. They can be replaced with potted plants, vintage items, candles, fruits, etc.

Modern classic

Classic will be always relevant. The royal wedding showed what a modern wedding classic should be like - a more restrained design, luxurious but not a weighted dress and embroidery, a light palette and touching details in the image of the bride (for example, a miniature and laconic bouquet).

Wedding Photo

“Lifestyle” wedding photo session

More and more couples prefer to move the wedding love-story to another day, and at the celebration itself devote more time for lively communication and enjoyable entertainment. Therefore, modern wedding photography is a style of a cross between classic and reportage. From the classics, this style borrowed attention to details, from reportage photography - more immediate and “live” frames.

Warm photo processing

Each photographer has his/her own style of shooting and processing photos, fine art still implies light colors and gentle setting, and reportage photography looks more bright with bigger contrasts. But it is impossible not to note the general tendency to use softer and warmer tones for color correction. With such processing photos look more comfortable and "alive".

Wedding Program

Spending the wedding morning together

What could be more natural and comfortable than having a wedding morning together if you have been living together for a while? And it’s not at all necessary for the sake of this to abandon the magical first meeting at a photo shoot or ceremony, because the session can be arranged after a joint breakfast. Lying in bed, cooking together, fooling around and laughing - this morning will definitely help you cope with stress and tune in to the magical atmosphere of the day.

Buffet table

Beautiful food is in the trend today. And this is exactly the case when the quality is much more important than quantity. The secret of success of a wedding dinner is not in the large number of different foods and drinks, but in a thoughtful menu and elegant dishes.

A buffet table is an excellent option for those newlyweds who do not want to sit around the table for the whole evening, accepting gifts and congratulations, and dream of a more lively and light format of a wedding evening without a five-hour feast, strict seating and a feeling of heaviness after dinner. But even if you do not want to give up the classic banquet, guests will appreciate a beautiful buffet with interesting snacks and light drinks before the ceremony.

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