Truth Behind Your Wedding From Wedding Planners

The proposal is made, your emotions calmed down a little and it's probably the time to start some wedding preparations! Your wedding day is definitely one of those memorable events in your life you won't ever forget. Quite obvious, once you start planning it, you'll gradually get obsessed with every single detail: your gown, bouquet, table decorations, silverware, DJ etc., etc. You want everything to be impeccable. No surprise. All the brides are the same. But on the contrary to you, your wedding planner has already seen lots of weddings, learned the brides and the grooms behavior extremely well. He or she cannot tell you the cold truth in the eyes sometimes but you can learn what they think here. This article reveals the thoughts of the wedding planners on some extremely important moments in wedding planning and arrangement. So, let’s get to the bottom of this mystery!

Secret #1

Main decision-making. You should make up your mind over the core aspects such as outfits, food, photography, music, venue, flowers, cars, decoration, entertainment, etc. Prioritize the issues for yourself. Decide also what amount of money you can spend on each of them. Once you finish with the list, the situation will become clearer.

Secret #2

Cheese in a trap. Unfortunately, there is no free lunch in this world. Nothing costs more than something that is cheap. Do you want to have an excellent wedding album? Be ready to pay at least $1000 or much more, ignoring popping advertisement on the Internet that promise an amazing wedding photo session for $99. It should be mentioned that you should see the ‘final image’ not only in your head. For example, the word ‘classic’ means different things for each person. Just bring the examples of the desired final picture and save precious time, nerves and budget.

Secret #3

Do not do a favor. Do you have a relative or friend who is just starting his or her photographer career and is eager to help you? Well, that is cool, but think twice before you ruin your relationships being totally frustrated by the level of work. If you like luxurious wedding images from Pinterest and hope to see the same, try to find a proven professional and browse his or her photos necessarily. Same goes for all other aspects like your wedding gown, hair, makeup, food, music, beverage, flower decoration etc. You get what you pay for. By the way, all wedding blogs can just inspire you, but there is no need to copy fashionable trends completely and be upset that your choice is not the same. Your wedding will be unique if you make choices according to your inner voice, not advice.

Secret #4

Wedding planning is a tiresome job. When you just start planning an unforgettable celebration and buy wedding fashion magazines, browse blogs with thousands of gorgeous images and imagine your perfect day, all this preliminary fuss seems really romantic. Well, then you have to meet dozens of people, create schedules, answer to emails and endless phone calls, go to infinite appointments and eventually make payments. It’s best to accept the amount of work that planning a wedding really takes. Create a thorough to-do list and try to be realistic about what must be finished and how long it in fact takes.

Secret #5

Check expenses of a planner. Thus, there is a reason why people hire a wedding planner who keeps everything organized smoothly if you do not have enough time, have sufficient funds and want just to enjoy this process. Except for one thing. As a rule, planners have win-win relationships with other professionals like florists, entertainers, DJs etc. and they will recommend you to take advantage of their services. If a  floral shade combination does not play a very important role for you, you may find wholesale vendors. Just check carefully all expenses and take interest in any step of a planner’s activity. If you have a limited budget, do not want to have a planner, but still would like you, your mom, bridesmaids, and relatives to enjoy the celebration, it is possible to find a day-off coordinator within your area for a fee. This person can make sure all specialists appear on time, your dress is steamed in a proper way and myriads of other points you even do not guess.

Secret #6

Wedding prices are not always significantly higher. Though some services are still really expensive. There is such an idea that if you tell a specialist that you order a service for wedding, the price is much higher, it is not always true. If any service or product seems much more expensive in comparison to birthday organization fees, just realize that providing wedding preparation requires more than any average holiday. Still, some experienced planners advice newly-weds not to advertise if possible all service/product providers that they order their goods for a wedding.

Secret #7

Shok avoiding. Why do weddings are shockingly expensive? As modern wedding planner Lauren Grove says: “When you start getting the proposals and quotes from people, that is when it really hits you. I think a huge part of the issue is that you don't really have a good idea of what things cost before you have to dive into planning”. At the very beginning, plan a detailed budget, follow it and avoid overspending in any case. Make sure that all the people responsible for wedding planning are aware of the outlined sum of money and comply with it.

And just keep in mind that you do not need to have a lavish wedding for it to make it memorable and beautiful.

Secret #8

It is impossible to please everyone. Paper, cloth or silk napkins? Whatever you decide is your prerogative. Stick to your guns as suckers often provide comments and make thorough observations. It doesn't matter how amicable you are. At a certain moment, it can be very useful to set limits so as your celebration actually feels like it’s yours best creation. And whether you put fried potatoes or beef bourguignon on the table, pay for ‘haute’ couture or a gown from a small-town bridal shop, send invitation postcards with Swarovski jewelry or vintage decoration, this is also true. No one will remember the color of ribbons on the wedding glasses, but they will notice whether there enough plates, chairs, cutlery, food and beverages, pleasant music and the most important question: are newlyweds really happy?

Secret #9

Keep the nerves steady. All right, painstaking preparing is behind and now you concerned about the forthcoming wedding day.  Stay focused on the most relaxing and pleasant things before a wedding day. You should not be exhausted with an intense look and bags under your eyes. Do not plan any serious meetings on the day before the wedding! You may enjoy nature with your beloved future husband or go to the spa, receive a massage, make hair treatments. etc. Do whatever it takes in order to feel relaxed after tense months and look stunning and glowing on the most important day of your life.

Secret #10

Stay a couple in love! Make sure to get to the shelter for a few minutes together with your soulmate. Talk about your feelings, share your expectations and let your partner know what can be done to improve the situation. It is crucial to be as a team, not arguing constantly under a stress. Do the things you both like as it was before the wedding mess and talk about not only difficulties as it may ruin the atmosphere. So many newlyweds confess that they miss things they do together before they got engaged.

Bottom line

To sum up, what is the main principle of a successful wedding? This success depends both on a couple’s overwhelming desire to make their holiday unforgettable and competent planning while the group of specialists will just guide them slightly in a right direction.

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