‘Try me Free’ products are offered by many brands every now and then which come along with a money back guarantee if the products does not meet the demands of the customers. These products can be anything from food products to cosmetics. How it works is that you purchase a specific product and if you have any doubt with its usage then you can claim a 100% refund. There can be scenarios where you would have to return the leftover of that specific product. You can look for ‘Try Me Free’ written on the packaging of a promotional product. In some cases, it’s not a cash refund and the brand sends you a refund stamps instead so make sure you read the terms and conditions on such promotional product before purchasing it.

You’ll find these on the packaging of that product. Sometimes the promotion period is short for such promotional products so it is important to check the end date for the refund claim. If you are looking forward to buying more than one promotional product then it would be very helpful to obtain separate receipts for all of the purchases. You would get your refund at the supermarket or store that you buy the products and in other cases you might have to send it to the manufacturers in which case you would have to bear all shipping expenses. The refund usually takes somewhere between a week to two months which varies in accordance to the brand.

You can look for a lot of ‘Try Me Free’ offers from online free stuff site. Make sure that you fully understand the Terms and Conditions mentioned by the brands before purchasing and while claiming the refund. You will need to keep the purchase receipts of the specific promotional product to make an authentic refund claim. When writing the complaint you don’t have to exaggerate anything, simply telling the company that you didn’t like the packaging of the product would also make an authentic refund claim. If done right, you can enjoy a lot of different brand products for free.  

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