The lack of room for play should never be rare in a house full of kids. After all, they always need to be entertained! If your kids have friends around, a lovely play area where they can run about and have fun would be phenomenal. 

Has the idea of converting your garage into a playhouse for your little ones ever popped into your head? We’ll help you transform your garage into a fantastic play area for children that can be used in both cold and warm weather! 

1. Get rid of concrete floors

Concrete flooring, which is common in garages, may be ideal for storing cars, but if you're using it as a children's playhouse, it's useless. Depending on your budget, you have a few different choices for the flooring in your new playroom. If you want a long-lasting solution, consider installing tile, laminate, or carpeting in the space. You can also put down some crazy rugs or play mats for an extra layer of fun.

Or, if you're on a budget, you may always go with the soft interlocking floor tiles. You probably won’t have any issues hunting these tiles down online, plus, they are very easy to install.

2. Don’t forget to insulate

Temperatures may drop very low in a garage, which is why it's a bad idea for youngsters to play in the area during the winter months. However, if you properly insulate your garage with a reflective insulation roll, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Always use high-quality insulation materials. To ensure that your children's playroom is warm and inviting, call professionals to help you with the insulation installation process. If you mess this up, you may risk molding in the future which is very dangerous for people of all ages!

3. Think of the safety

It is crucial to make your garage a safe area for your children to play in. Children can get seriously hurt by the garage doors, but removing the rails prevents the door from opening, eliminating the greatest threat in the space. 

Additionally, if you have small children or are concerned about accidents, you may want to consider purchasing the thickest carpet padding possible! Or just install the soft flooring we mentioned earlier.

4. Paint and decorate the walls

Rather than just painting the walls, consider adding some eye-catching wall stickers in a variety of themes, styles, and colours. You can get them from Amazon and other online retailers. Regardless of where you shop, keep an eye out for items that your children will like and use that information to guide your choices. Make sure to get the wall decor that they'll adore!

You can also make the job of painting the walls fun for your kids! They can help out with this task and if you don’t care about being all right and proper, you can even let your youngster draw on the walls too. 

5. Be smart about the storage

Storage is a must in a play area. If you’ve walled off your garage doors, you'll have even more room for storage. Make use of modest built-ins or floor-to-ceiling shelving, but leave plenty of space in the garage's centre for children to run about and have fun. 

You'll want to stock up on containers and boxes so that youngsters can quickly tidy up and organise their items after they're done playing.

This garage to playroom transformation will need some extra work. So think about installing division panels. In addition to being inconvenient, letting your children play near your automobile is also unsafe. While framing a room in the garage may give your children less area for playing, it will also mean that there will be a door separating your car and your kids. Although this may make your garage look smaller, it will make it more secure.

6. Get the entertainment

Any kid's playroom would benefit from having a television. It doesn't matter what age your children are; they will enjoy watching TV, and as they become older, they may utilise the room to play video games or watch movies. 

Decide where to put the television in the room while you're in the design stage. Install a flat-screen television on the playroom wall, if at all feasible. As a result, there will be less chance of the TV being damaged or pushed over. By securing your television to the wall, you'll make your children's playroom a little safer.

You’ll also need to get all the plastic and wooden toys, and books your kids love to play with. Though you probably already have buckets full of your kids’ toys, there’s always a place for more!

Anyone can turn their garage into a fun and engaging play area for their children with the help of these tips. To ensure that your children have a warm and safe place to play throughout the year, go through the advice provided above.

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