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Twitter is an interesting phenomenon. Understatement of the decade, right? I’ve been pretty addicted to this social media outlet. There is no shortage of people to follow. It has been amazingly easy to find other Tweeps who share my interests in mommy blogging, sports, TV shows, etc. It is also not surprising that many people I’ve chosen to follow have followed me back. Wow! I get such good advice and ideas from these “friends.” Twitter can be a valuable resource. As you Tweeters know, a great way to discover new people to follow is to look at who others are following. I can assume that is how others have found and followed me. As of right now, I have 371 followers. Who knew?!

This is what I wonder…why do some people follow me? I get the other mommy bloggers, sports fans and other fans of my favorite TV shows. I’ve been clear on what I like and what I do. I even get those who promote earning money at home…I’m a stay-home mom. But why would someone like “Brad” follow me? He’s into boxing, weight lifting and rockin’ and rollin’. I’m sure Brad is a fine man, but what possible interest could he have in what I do and say? Or what about the advertising company who also offers discounts to followers…in Singapore! What? I’ve only been out of the country twice–Niagra Falls, Canada and Hualtuco, Mexico. Clearly, not near Singapore. But if I do go, I’ll know where to get some good deals.

I’m sure many of you have similar stories. Want to share? I’d love to hear about your interesting followers!

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Comment by forgetfulone on April 15, 2010 at 9:09pm
Kinda makes you wonder why those "Brads" follow, huh?

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