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SONY DSCI am always grateful when I stay at a luxury hotel. More often than not my stay is tied to a junket. In fact, my most recent stays at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills and Viceroy L'Ermitage Beverly Hills were because of a press junket I attended for Gifted, a lovely film that opens in theaters in April starring Chris Evans and Octavia Spencer.

First and most importantly I always enjoy traveling to and visiting Los Angeles. It's one of my favorite cities and I always have so much fun there! The Four Seasons Beverly Hills was the first stop of my LA stay and also where the junket was held where we could interview the talent for the movie. I loved it!

The service at the Four Seasons was impeccable (as always!) and my room was lovely. To be honest, though, my room wasn't anything to fly head over hills for, but wonderful service from checking in to friendly room service attendants can make any room look and feel first-rate. And, I heard they are renovating a vast majority of the rooms, so while the accommodations were so-so the service was on point!

One thing I loved about the Four Seasons Beverly Hills is its lobby. It smelled like hotel essence, that beautiful smell many luxury hotels pump into its common areas. That coupled with the gorgeous flower arrangements had me in awe.

The Viceroy L'Ermitage Beverly Hills

My room at the Viceroy L'Ermitage was beautifully spacious and had amenities I had not thought of before like a TV embedded in the bathroom mirror with a remote. Why one would need a TV in the bathroom when one is literally right around the corner is beyond me, but it was a nice touch. The Viceroy also has a separate makeup area with different lighting for indoors and outdoors, which I felt was a huge plus. They also had a very convenient light switch by the door that turned off every light in my room. That is so much better than walking around and trying to turn off umpteen lights when you want to go to sleep.

One thing I thought was interesting is the Viceroy's bar had full-sized liquor. I have seen this at several W Hotels. It tells me right away about the Viceroy's clientele.

While I absolutely loved my Viceroy L'Ermitage room, the service was borderline rude. It felt to me like the desk staff really couldn't be bothered. I didn't like that. I'm not sure if it's because they clearly deal with a lot of Hollywood types who I saw all throughout the hotel or what?

I also didn't like the attitude of a few waiters in their restaurant, Avec Nous. It was very strange. I felt as though the wait staff really, really, really wanted to go home that night. While our group was dining and talking I felt very rushed and uncomfortable. I thought we might have stayed too late, but when I got to my room, it was only 10:30 and they close at 11. Late, yes, but it was far too early for the staff to rush our party. That said, Avec Nous' roasted sea bass with fennel was divine!

I must say, when I checked out the next day a few of the other bloggers and I stayed and had lunch at the restaurant. The wait staff then couldn't have been more lovely.


While in LA we took an hour trip out to Malibu to visit Saddlerock Ranch. It was absolutely beautiful and because California got a blast of rain in February there was green everywhere. You can take a wine safari at the ranch and they even have a few AirBnBs on the property.

Whenever I visit Los Angeles it seems I never have enough time to just settle in and enjoy the city. Hopefully the next time I'm there I'll be able to sightsee a bit and go to some of the restaurants I have been eyeing for quite some time.

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