Types and Benefits of A Maternity Pillow

Getting sleep is elusive for pregnant women because of the constant change in the body. There are lots of things that disrupt the rest of a woman, such as discomfort, restlessness, and many trips to the bathroom. In such a case, a pregnancy pillow can help mother’s get a good sleep. These types of pillows known as maternity pillows designed to keep the needs of a mother in mind. The primary purpose is to provide support for a pregnant woman to get a good sleep at night.

Well, there are not like regular pillows as they cannot help these women. When we talk about maternity pillows, there are plenty of types to choose from. But you need to keep some things in mind while opting for yourself.

To keep this mind, in this article, we are going to guide you to select a pillow.

What is a Maternity Pillow?

Well, a maternity pillow works as a cushion to support the growing body of a pregnant woman. They are available in different, types, shapes and sizes. You can choose them according to your body size, or you can opt in to for bean-shaped pillow. It is designed to fit under the baby bump.

However, there is not any perfect pillow that every pregnant woman can use during pregnancy—first-time pregnant women do not know what to do. Women who are pregnant second or third time knows what works for them in the past. However, it is better to try different options to see which works best for yourself.

Benefits of Using Maternity Pillow

Well, the main reason for buying a maternity pillow for a woman is to have some comfort. The women who already had experienced pregnancy knows the importance of sleep. The labour and the delivery of a child is not an easy thing for a woman. So, when a woman gets pregnant, it is difficult for them to get an eight-hour sleep. The main reason is that you are unable to find a comfortable position. So, a maternity pillow is which can help you get a suitable place for sleep. It helps in relieving the pressure on the hips, back, and spine. You can even use these pillows after the pregnancy during the recovery.

Types of Maternity Pillows

There are the following types:


It is the most popular because you can use it even after the pregnancy. It is a multi-functional pillow which is available in both triangular and round shape. Furthermore, it is the cheapest option available on the market.

Total Body

The second type is a full body maternity pillow which can support the body on multiple sides. Furthermore, it provides support for the baby bump, back, knees, and neck.


This type is the same as the standard pillow available on the market. However, the size of this pillow is more significant to provide comfort during pregnancy. However, this type only supports one side of the body.

Bean Maternity Pillow

As the name implies, it is a bean-shaped pillow which is designed to provide on specific spots on the body. A pregnant woman can put it in her office chair for support under the knees at night.

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