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If you visit a hearing aid professional, he or she will recommend one type of hearing aid based on many factors like your budget, lifestyle, aesthetic needs and the level of your hearing loss. The hearing aids are found in different colors and metallic finishes that can complement any skin or hair tone. The results of hearing aids will be different from one patient to another because of the anatomy of the ear.

Invisible in Canal or IIC

These hearing aids will be custom fitted into the ear canal and it will not be visible from the outside when it is worn. It can be removed on a daily basis so that it can promote good health of the ear. It is used for mild and moderate hearing problems.

Completely-In Canal or CIC

It is the hearing instrument which is custom made in order to fit completely into the ear canal. The tip of a small handle made in plastic will show on the outside. The handle is meant to remove or insert the hearing aid. It is for mild and moderate hearing loss.

In the Canal or ITC  

This is the hearing instrument which is custom made so that it can fit into the canal of the ear and there is only a small portion that will remain outside.  

In the Ear or ITE

This is the custom made hearing aid which can fit on the outer portion of the ear. It is designed for mild to severe hearing loss.   

Receiver in Canal or RIC  

This is barely visible if it is worn and it is an instrument which acts as a speaker or receiver within the ear canal. It is made up of thin electrical wires and they are used in place of the plastic acoustical tube which can reduce any distortion. RIC hearing aid offers a comfortable and open fit.

Behind the Ear or BTE

The technology of this hearing aid is found in a casing which is behind the ear. There is a clear plastic tube which will direct the amplified sound into the earbud and it can come with a customized earmold to fit inside the ear canal. It is used for severe or moderate hearing problems.

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