Umm, Should I Be Scared? And Wow Do I Need To Monitor What My Kids Watch A Lot Better!

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’m not exactly as vigilant as I should be about what my kids watch. I tend to watch something, get seriously into it, and then when it’s too late, notice my kids are with me watching it, and it is TOTALLY inappropriate. Bad news. Well, this bad habit has come back to bite me in the ass in a somewhat disturbing, yet totally hilarious way. %
Here is a pic of my son’s latest homework assignment, front and back.

For those of you who can’t see it, I’ve also written it down for you.
Die Hard Two Action Movie with Guns
When I was watching the movie, it was a nice movie. It was fine but the best part is when one of the police got mayered murdered. I liked it a lot but the sad part is when one of the bad guys shot an old man but I liked it.
Ok, so you see my dilemma. I have to admit, I laughed so hard I cried while reading this. I mean, seriously? But also, slightly disturbing that his fave part is when a cop is murdered, and that even though it was sad an old man was shot, he still liked it? Umm…might have to look into that. _
Anyway, how awesome is his teacher for so nonchalantly correcting his spelling of “murdered”. I totally expected a parent/teacher request to be sent home, but she very sweetly commended his story, and requested more details. Wow. I love it.

Now for the really funny/disturbing part: The picture.

OMG! He has people with backwards caps on, shooting someone laying in what appears to be a puddle of blood. Above that, he has two guys shooting two other guys, who are riddled with huge bloody gunshot wounds.
Yeah, I think I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for a while.

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Comment by Jeniel Petrovich on November 3, 2009 at 11:00pm
Best Mommy, that's so true. You have to be so careful what you allow in their lives because they become jaded so soon. And my ex-fiancee's parents drive me insane because even though I made a clear rule on no weapon like toys, it never fails that when my kids come home from visiting them they bring back a fake gun, knife, or whatever.
And LizzieBtv, yeah, I totally need to be more careful with that. After that picture I am careful what I watch even after they fall asleep, just in case they wake up. Right now, because of circumstances too frustrating to get into, we share a room. So I used to watch True Blood at night, but if you have ever seen it, you know it is extremely violent and sexually graphic in nature and I don't want the kids waking up and seeing that kind of thing, you know? Kids change your life in all kinds of ways! :)
Comment by bestmommy on October 28, 2009 at 11:44am
I can totally relate! With 4 kids ages 15,13,9 and 7 it's so difficult to monitor the TV and video games. I allow my teens to watch PG-13 movies and play T for Teen video games but how do you keep the younger ones out of the room with an open family room/kitchen floor plan? The TV can be heard and/or seen from almost anywhere downstairs. My 13 year old son is really into the Daily Show and The Colbert Report and is quite politically savvy and gets the humor and satire, but his little brother doesn't know what to make of it and I have to keep telling him it's not the real news, it's comedians poking fun at the government. We also have a problem with other kids bringing over Mature rated video games so I've started checking backpacks when my son's friends come over to hang out and I have to explain that we don't allow them. Guess I'm not the coolest Mom on the block but I see no point in exposing them to that level of violence evern as teenagers. Some of his friends have been playing M rated games and seeing R rated movies (mostly violent slasher type horror films) since they were single digit aged. I just don't get that--PG-13 is violent enough in my opinion. Interesting story--We live in the south and it's quite common for people to have guns around the house for hunting and self-defense reasons. We've never owned a gun and had a rule when my oldest son was younger that we wouldn't buy him any toy guns to play with. One day when he was about 3 years old I see him in the back yard carrying 2 sticks around and talking to himself and some imaginary friends. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was shooting bad guys and proceeded to explain that the big stick was his rifle and the little stick was his 45. I never found out where he learned about those 2 different guns (probably a preschool rap session with the child of a hunter). We can try to shield them from violence but even a child that has never been given a toy gun to play with will find a stick and make shooting sounds and create an imaginary scenario of killing the bad guys.
Comment by LizzieBtv on October 27, 2009 at 9:56pm
OMG! This if funny and frightening at the same time. It's scary that kids are like sponges and we don't even realize it. Wow! Guess you're gonna have to be a bit more vigilant about what's on the tube when the kids are around. But the best part really is the teacher comments. I loved how she asked for more details like names and where this took place!

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