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I am the first to admit that I am a terrible writer, on the computer that is. I discovered most recently, that some moms judge one another by their poor grammar skills. I found this out after I made a comment on another blog, I won't say which one, but it wasn't on this site. The moms on Mom Blogger's have been nothing but kind and non judgmental of my writing skills,( or lack there of) so this is why I will keep my opinions here. I never understood why we moms are so criticizing to one another, especially since we get enough of that from spouses and our children. We each have our own unique parenting skills and I always thought our children belonged to us, not the other moms.
I am positive that I am not the only person on earth who has let the skills we learned in school slide every now and then,have you seen your Drs. handwriting? It is very presumptuous of a person to assume a person's writing skills are a sign they are incompetent, un educated boobs. I have been called out on my parenting and teaching ability, even called a dolt and a troll. We as moms make it our mission to ensure our children do better in life and in school, not allow them to slip and fail.
Writing on a computer or actual handwriting are not a reason to judge, insult or consider a person stupid. I'm well aware that, yes, we should represent ourselves as literate adults, but, honestly, unless it doesn't count, who cares. Resumes or a message that is sent to someone who sees your writing as an important factor in their decision about you and school, we do need to do our best as coming across an educated , understandable person. I admit I ramble and get off subject, I also know when to fix my mess and do it up to acceptable standards. I have a few well educated friends who hold a job where writing is a must and know this was part of the hiring process, you would never know this by their face book pages. We act and write accordingly. It's like when you have two separate groups of friends, you know these groups would never accept each other based on the financial and social factors.
How to we balance the two? We fit in with the partiers, kicking off our shoes and getting wild , the other, we act on our best behavior, never showing we have two sides, all the while never letting on to either side. That's me. I act according to the situation. I have a few beers, get wild in a bar and smoke to my hearts content. The 'other' me I keep from my kids, Drs. , and, people who would avoid me like the plaque if they ever knew I wasn't as proper like they thought I appear to be.
I also have friends who accept me for who I am, both Tammy's. This is how it is on the computer also. If you write using your best grammar, people will accept you, If you disregard your grammar, it will bite you in the butt.
I also believe it is the education and social status of the reader that decides what kind of comment you get. I found this true on another blog, the writer skipped the good grammar and used " street " talk and slang, the responses were in the same context as the author's writing.
Are we an over judgmental society? I say yes we are. Why do we care how another person writes on a computer? Because mis spelling and mis used punctuation can make it hard to decipher the author's message and point. I will from now on try my best to see that my posts are legible and grammar correct, on my own , not because of a group of women feel I'm not suitable to write, parent or home school my children. I understand the importance of proper grammar , but I won't change because of society, but for my own benefit as well as my children . I like to write, maybe nothing intelligent or important to others, but for me. I lost skills over the years, but who hasn't? We busy moms have more to worry about than writing properly, like, school notes, grocery lists and that good ole to do list.
We assist our children while they are young with their grammar skills, but, once they are in middle and high school, we become obsolete to our children. So, unless we have a job that requires perfect writing and grammar, we lose sight of the importance to remain intelligible to the world. No, it is not fair to judge a book by it's cover, so to speak, but unfortunately, this is societies number one down fall.
We miss out on meeting possibly the most friendliest person you will ever, ( or should I say never?) meet. We miss out on hiring the most skilled employee that could save your company, and we keep discrimination alive. All because we judge people not only on their looks, social/financial status, color, but now our writing ability. I have lots of parenting skills and experiences that I enjoy sharing with moms who are looking for advice, answers and a friend. I also write hoping there are other moms out there just like me, an un educated, poor grammatical mom who gave up her sanity and social skills to raise a bunch of crazy, loud , unappreciative children, all because I love them. I know one day I will find my soul mate, one who couldn't care less if I put a colon or semi colon where it belongs.
My name is Tammy, I have 6 kids and I like writing about them, forgive my grammar, read between the lines and you will see a good person who sometimes makes sense , makes you laugh, or yell to your screen at me!

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