Under the Escalator by George M. C. Held

An exciting new fantasy book for children.

George Held is the author of 20 poetry books, including the wonderful ‘NEIGHBORS’ series of children’s books which were loved by my nature loving little granddaughter. He is a former English professor, who holds degrees from Brown, the University of Hawaii, and Rutgers, and he also taught on a Fulbright in Czechoslovakia.

In this new release children’s book, written in rhyme, he explores the world of fantasy, and this story is an excellent introduction to this genre for children.

The story centres around an escalator, a common mode of transport for many years enabling people to reach to different levels in buildings. However, even some adults are unsure of them, the way the steps appear in front of you, then suddenly they slip away flat at the end…

What would happen if you didn’t get off?

Well, in this mysterious yet exciting story, a boy decides to ride the escalator all the way around, just to see what is under it. This captivated the imagination of my granddaughter, and she was fascinated to discover who, or what was under it, and what happened to him on his little adventure.

This is a very clever story is very engaging, and a great way to open conversations with young children. It has been wonderfully and vividly illustrated by the talented Bryan Canniff.


About the Author:

George Held is a poet & writer, satirist & translator, editor & critic who taught English at Queens College for over 35 years. He was a Fulbright lecturer in Czechoslovakia, 1973-76, and is listed in Who’s Who in America. Among his publications are the chapbooks MARTIAL ARTIST, translations of Martial’s epigrams; GROUNDED, which garnered one of his five Pushcart Prize nominations and from which Garrison Keillor read a poem on THE WRITER’S ALMANAC; and PHASED, available from CreatSpace & amazon.com. His forthcoming book is AFTER SHAKESPEARE: SELECTED SONNETS. His satires appear at www.infauxtainment.com, and he blogs at georgeheld@blogspot.com. He reviews books for, among other journals, NOTRE DAME REVIEW, AMERICAN BOOK REVIEW, RAIN TAXI and SMALL PRESS REVIEW.


About the Book:

This is the story of a boy, an escalator, and some trolls. Does he survive a trip to the netherworld?


Under the Escalator is available from Amazon in paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Under-Escalator-George-M-Held/dp/0916754235/...


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