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Unemployment and Exhausted Benefits- There is Hope!

For every report we read that says employment is on the rise, there are thousands more that confirm that unemployment remains at 9.5%. The mass of “mompreneurs” in the Butterfly community supports the theory that private employment is on the rise and that should give hope to some! More good news according to Business and Finance News: “The first ever 99er Tier 5 unemployment benefits extension bill is available. So what does the bill do for families in America? First, it provides an additional 20 weeks of benefits to those who have exhausted their 99 weeks of unemployment. Benefits are not paid retroactively, but eligibility is retroactive. Meaning if you exhausted your 99 weeks three months ago, you can start receiving benefits now, but you won't receive benefits for the three months prior to passage of the bill. Not every one will be eligible for the 20-week extension. Those in states with under 7.5% unemployment rates aren't eligible. In addition, employers that hire workers that have been unemployed for long terms will get certain tax incentives. The hope is that this will bring more jobs into the market, helping people thrive financially without depending on extension after extension of unemployment benefits.”

While the extension allows for some of you to hold on a little bit longer, so should these words of encouragement from fellow Butterfly mom Mandi Hayes-Spencer who uploaded a wonderful blog recently entitled:

Work, Worry and Chaos: Remembering Why You Do What You Do that forces those of you who work in what may not be considered your “dream job” to rethink and ask yourself, “Is it really that bad?”

Here are some ways to cheer you up further:

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It’s all good!


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