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Up and Away! The Top 5 Airlines for Family Travel

Tis the season to enjoy a vacation with the family. Let’s face it, we all can use a little bit of relaxation and fun in the sun. But traveling with children, especially with little ones under 5 can be hectic at times, particularly on long flights. From being tired, lack of room to move, or pure boredom, these flights can be tumultuous. So which airlines cater more to families? Well look no further! Based on my personal experience and searching the web, I have compiled a list of the top five airlines to use when traveling with a young family.

#1 Virgin America

Pros: Virgin is by far the best airline to travel with young children. Some of their perks include pre-boarding with children under 5, advanced seat selection, no lap child fee, “KiD” backpacks and free in-flight entertainment. Not to mention, Virgin has healthy food options for children as well as babies. To top it off, Virgin has changing tables aboard all planes and some flights even have diapers just in case you forgot yours.

Cons: The only drawback for Virgin Airlines is that it has limited nationwide service (only to big cities) and they have fewer flight schedules.

#2 Jet Blue

Pros: The second runner up (but very close) is JetBlue. This airline has great features including family pre- boarding with children under 2, in-flight entertainment (reading activities and television) and unlimited snacks. And just like Virgin, JetBlue also has changing tables and no fees on domestic flights for a lap child.

Cons: JetBlue has limited nationwide service and caters more to the east coast. While they do have live TV, premium channels cost more.

#3 Southwest

Pros: Reigning in 3rd place is Southwest Airlines. At Southwest, families can pre-board and lap children are free.  Also, southwest offers access to free Live and On-Demand television all from your mobile device (cellphone, iPad, laptop, etc.). Now your child can enjoy their favorite show on their device.

Cons: One negative of Southwest Airlines is that no one receives seat assignments. So if you’re traveling with a family get there early for a better chance to be seated together.

#4 Frontier

Pros: Another Airline that reached our top five list was Frontier. The airline offers family pre-boarding after Elite passengers which is pretty cool. Frontier also has seatback televisions that streaming Live TV for your family to enjoy.

Cons: A word of warning, customers can only receive free advanced seating assignments if they book directly through Frontier airline. If you booked through a 3rd party, you will have to pay a fee for advanced seating. There is also a fee to access the Live TV.

#5 Delta

Pros: Delta Airlines rounds off our list. This airline offers free advanced seating assignments which is great. Plus, they have in-flight entertainment.

Cons: There are a few drawbacks to flying with Delta. First, Delta does not offer priority boarding to families, which can cause chaos when boarding. Not to mention, you have to pay for the in-flight entertainment as well.


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Comment by LaNese Harvey on July 30, 2015 at 12:52pm

Thanks Ashley!

Comment by Ashley Owen on July 30, 2015 at 12:16pm

Great list! Thanks for posting this.

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