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Coming in independent travel Europe or just planning a trip? Then we are happy to share with you the secrets of simple savings and show you how you can travel cheaper. Our small tips relate to different spheres: air tickets, accommodation, meals, excursions and research paperwork. Therefore, it is very useful for those who go to Europe, but wants to make it economical and unforgettable.

So, let’s look at the main advices, which will help you to organize the best trip, you have ever had:

  1. Buy tickets in advance. This is the main rule for the traveler. Usually the cheapest tickets are sold for 6 months and then 6 weeks prior to departure. The closer the date of the flight, the more expensive it will cost.
  2. Be flexible in the choice of dates and destinations. Ticket price depends on the day of the week, so if you choose the option to search for "+/- 3 days" and try to fly in the middle of the week. Also, if you have not yet decided on a final resting place, write to the point of arrival - "Everywhere" by choosing the most interesting and cheaper options from the list.
  3. Perform purchase tickets on Tuesday. During the second half of the day, the airline update price and you have a great opportunity to save your money. This offer does not apply to the purchase of tickets for the month prior to departure and seasonal offers. Subscribe to the mailing airlines. Through this service, you will get the latest and best offers as well as information about promotions, deals and sales on time.
  4. Follow the specific flight prices. The most convenient way to do it on special sites. You only need to enter the right direction and to subscribe to the newsletter, in which all price changes on this route will be displayed.
  5. Check the full cost of the tickets before payment. Additional charges, taxes and insurance can significantly increase the introductory price. It is also possible accrual of a few percent when paying by credit card. Therefore, make sure to check all the points and calculate the full price before make the payment.
  6. Collect flight miles. Many airlines provides an opportunity and a program where you can earn points. As a rule, it is very advantageous because then collected miles are exchanged for new tickets, discounts and free stays in hotels.
  7. Watch for new routes. Most often, the price is low enough that it is not only pleasant to be displayed on your wallet, but will be pleased with.
  8. Look for options with transfers. This is certainly not the most comfortable option, but it can save quite decent money that is better spent on something more memorable.
  9. Fly low cost. Low cost airlines are almost indistinguishable from the promoted brands, so you can feel the minor inconvenience of service and have more interesting trip after that.

In addition, if you are willing to travel, but you don’t have enough money, don’t worry. Just plan your trip and look through all the cheapest variants.


About the Author: Stacy Green is a famous can anybody do my physics homework freelance writer, who creates useful papers about fashion, travelling and sport. Her advices are so perfect that her blog attracts more and more readers with each paper. 

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