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Useful tips to use if you are pregnant and traveling

If you are thinking of flying or doing long travels when you are pregnant, then it may seem like a stretch to think it is the best idea. However, you can manage it as long as you prepare yourself adequately, and it will be less stressful than you think. For many couples that are due for the first time, it is in fact an attractive prospect to go have some relaxing time together before the baby comes.

Regardless of the kind of trip you are going for – either a business one or a baby moon – the key is to prepare yourself adequately. Read on for some tips to help you with that.

Find out about the best timings to travel

If you have a low-risk pregnancy, you can travel within any trimester – even the third one. However, it is best to go during the second trimester.

The first one is tricky because of the morning sickness, while the third trimester has nesting instincts that have stepped in. when you are planning to travel, it is a better idea to travel in between those two times (the second trimester lasts for about 14 weeks).

It is important to note that many guidelines regarding international travel specify that pregnant women should not travel after 28 weeks of pregnancy. If you are carrying multiple pregnancies such as twins, then the rules are even stricter and you will not be allowed after a shorter time.

When booking your flights, think about getting premiums

Regardless of the time you decide to embark on your travels, consider getting an extra row for the sake of your comfort. It will be more expensive, but it will add to your comfort experience. You will also require to increase your water intake, because plane rides are dehydrating, and this will also balance out the pressure you feel in your bladder. That also means one thing – you will definitely require more bathroom breaks.

In addition to the extra charges on your ticket, it is also helpful to consider ticket insurance. The dangers of taking long trips in the middle of a pregnancy means you might experience a pregnancy-related illness in the middle of the ride, so you need to have some backups in case you need to change the course of your plan.

If you are flying long distance trips, then consider taking connecting flights instead of direct flights. They will be longer than direct flights in the end, but they will give you more chances to stretch your legs and have actual meals.

Consult your doctor to see if there are any recommendations

Before you make your travel plans, it is a good idea to let your doctor know. It is also the best time to find out if there is a referral hospital or another specialist within the country you are going to, just in case something happens while you are there.

As you talk with your doctor, make sure to tell them where you are going. They might have adequate information that is specific to your site and helps you ease any sickness you may experience. For instance, a destination that is high in altitude will bear certain risks to your health, and it can make any morning sickness nausea worse. The same applies to very hot locations.

Regardless of where you are going, maintaining high levels of hydration is absolutely important, to help your body adjust faster. You can ask your doctor if certain medication is good for you in this case, and they might prescribe drugs that will help manage anything where you go.

If you are in your third trimester and are planning to fly somewhere, the first thing is checking the po0licy of your airline. The closer you are due, the greater the likelihood of needing express permission from your doctor to board the plane, so it is your opportunity to get one.

Increasing your comfort levels

Even though planes are famous for many aspects, comfort is not a feature. For this reason, you need to go the extra mile to make your flight as comfortable as you can.

As much as you can, pack your own healthy snacks and foods, such as vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, or hard boiled eggs. Just make sure to check with the airline and find out what foods they do and do not allow through security checks. In addition, having a large refillable water bottle is good.

In addition, pack a pillow in your carry-on luggage, especially lumbar pillows. An eye mask is always a great addition as well, so help you sleep (especially if the journey is long).

Guard your health

Because you are pregnant, your vulnerability to getting sick increases significantly. Planes are a bad idea when you are in this state and not guarding yourself enough, because they have a high chance of being dirty. Make sure to carry hand sanitizers (keep them gentle though) and wet wipes to clean all surfaces you touch. Sometimes, even getting asurgical mask is good because it will guard against transmission of airborne illnesses.

There are beverages you can consider to ward off bacteria. One of them is mint tea, which you can pack some bags and ask the flight attendant to steep them for you. Sparkling mineral water and ginger candy can also help, as well as essential oils such as chamomile, lavender,ginger or peppermint.

All these items should be within your carry-on luggage, not your main suitcase. You never know when you will need them during your journey, so keep them close to you at all times.

Remain comfortable

Because your body is constantly changing temperatures, you need to remain as comfortable as possible. Wearing loose clothes and layering them helps to keep you warm and also cool you down in case you feel too hot.

Final thoughts

Traveling to a different country while pregnant can be strenuous on your body, but you can take precautions to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. You will be trying to sort out various issues when you arrive at your destination, such as security checks and getting a Uganda visa, so make sure the rest of the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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