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Vaginal Weightlifting Tools Are They Safe!

If you are thinking of doing vaginal weightlifting, you have to make sure that you are well informed about it and you know how to do right procedures.  Here are some things that could help you; you can also check our site for more information


Prepare Yourself

Before you start vaginal weightlifting, make sure that your hands and tools are clean.  Begin with lightest tool and then slowly progress to a heavier tool in time.


How to Properly Insert the Tool

Before you insert the weight, you have to put enough lubricant on the weight so you can insert it easily and safely.  Place the weight in a way that you do with a tampon.  If you are not used to a tampon, just lie down against your back with one of your leg lifted.

Make sure the string of the weight will hang out of our vagina after the insertion, because if not that means, you placed it further in your vagina.  Just relax and pull the weight out until you got it into its correct place.

After insertion, you can start squeezing your pelvic floor muscles and hold the weight.


Practice Several Reps

You can start from 3 sets of 12 reps twice a day, three times a week.  Do this by squeezing and holding the weight for exactly five seconds, then release and relax


For another 5 seconds.  You will be able to do this standing up or lying down on your side.

Squeezing and releasing should just be 5 seconds, or it may cause some pain.  Progressively increase the weight as you progress with your workout.  You can add some exercise to your workout after two months so that you can strengthen your whole body.  For example, you can add some squats while squeezing the weight inside your vagina.


What You Need to Do After

You can remove the weight out by simply pulling the string slowly until it slips out.  Don’t panic if you cannot find the string.  It is similar to tampon, it got further inside the vagina, so you just need to use your finger to look for it.  Once you found it, get the string and slowly pull out.

You can also pull it out the same that you placed it inside.  Once it is removed, wash it carefully and thoroughly.  Follow the safe care instructions that it comes with when you purchased it.


Risks That You Need to Know

Just like any other workout, there will also be a risk with using vaginal weightlifting.  Tearing and overexertion are some these risks.  In order to prevent these, you have done the proper way of doing vaginal weightlifting.  You may want to ask advice from your doctor. 


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