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7 Easy Tips for Moms on Virtual Learning for Kids

With the state of the world right now, the odds are that your child is in Virtual School or learning from home. If you are not homeschooling them, they will be taking their classes online until they are safe enough to return to school.

If this is a new experience for you, you are not alone! Plenty of moms out there are currently learning about how their kids can take virtual classes. Over 50% of public school students are either online or practicing hybrid learning right now. (Which means they are learning from home half the time and at school the other half.)

These are some tips to help all the moms out there adjust to virtual learning.

Have a Consistent Schedule

Children are missing the structure that their schools provided. You will want to do your best to fill in the gaps for them while learning from home.

You can do this by keeping a consistent daily schedule for them. Doing so includes waking up at the same time every day, getting ready, having a set lunchtime, snack time, and outside time. If you can plan and follow a schedule, your kids will thrive in their new learning environment.

Pack Meals

Even though your kid is going to school at home, it can help if you already have their lunch and snacks for the day packed. Or, you could have everything ready to go for them to heat up. (If they are old enough to use the microwave.)

If you do not have meals packed, that means you will have to take time out of the schedule to cook lunch- which might take a while and throw off that new daily routine you are trying to establish.

Get Involved With Your Child

Learning alongside your child can help improve their performance in their classes. Many moms already have story-time set aside for their kids, but you could incorporate it into their school routine.

For instance, older kids might be working on book reports or essays. Reading aloud to them can help them remember the information better. If younger kids are working on practicing reading, you can do this to help them learn.

If you enjoy math, you can also help your child work through some examples in their homework. Overall, there are plenty of ways that moms can get involved in learning and help their children grow throughout the virtual school year.

Allow Time for Fun

Of course, your daily routine does not need to be all work and no play! You will want to schedule in some time for fun as well.

Many hotels are now offering special deals where your kids can do their virtual learning- but on vacation.

However, you do not have to go that far with it. Ensure that your kids get some time to play outside, draw or color, dance, or anything else that makes them happy. After their break, they will be feeling refreshed and better able to handle the learning ahead of them.


If there is a lot of clutter in your child’s learning space, they will have a more challenging time focusing on school.

Too much clutter is distracting. Make sure that your child knows to throw away their trash instead of leaving it on their desk. You will also want to help younger kids organize their books and papers at the end of the day.

Having a specific place to do work is also helpful for focusing. Make sure that there are no toys there, too- although, make sure your child knows they can play with them on breaks and after they finish their classes for the day.

Break Down Large Tasks

If there are any large projects your child is working on, you can help them by breaking them down into smaller sections. The best method to do this is the Pomodoro Technique. (Plenty of mom bloggers even use this method to write.)

This time management tool was created in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo. It encourages breaking down large tasks into 25 minutes at a time. After which, you would take a break.

When your child is stressed, this method can help them feel more in control and meet their due dates.

Get the Right Supplies

Aside from a computer, there are a few supplies you might want to have on hand. You will want to have a printer, whiteboard, and markers, plus writing utensils. You really will not need anything too fancy unless a specific project requires it.

Noise-canceling headphones are fabulous if you have many kids all doing virtual learning at the same time. This tool helps them focus, even if they are all working in the same area.

This article was originally posted at Midlife Single Mommy.

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