Vital Card - World's First Social Credit Card - Get paid cash forever for each person you sign up. Plus earn 1% cash back on all transactions.

What is VITAL?

VITAL is the credit card that pays you to share. Get paid cash forever for each person you sign up. Plus earn 1% cash back on all transactions.

What is the difference between cash rewards and cash back on spending?
Cash rewards are based on sharing. You get paid cash forever for each person you sign up. Plus we also reward you when your friends sign up new members and their friends sign up new members. Use the calculator to see how much you could earn monthly using VITAL.

In addition to the cash rewards, every VITAL member also earns 1% cash back on all of their own spending.

What makes VITAL special?
VITAL is special because unlike most credit cards, VITAL’s rewards aren’t solely tied to spending more money. We do reward our members for more spending but we also value sharing and hustle.

Here’s how to make sense of this: If you spend $1,500 in a month on VITAL, you’d make $15 in cash back (1% of spending), but you could still potentially be making $50 or $500 or even more in monthly cash rewards if you’ve shared VITAL with a bunch of friends. VITAL’s cash rewards give our members the opportunity to make money without having to spend more money!

What’s my VITAL Score and how does that affect my cash rewards?
Everytime you sign up a friend to VITAL you earn 4 points towards your VITAL Score. Plus, you get an additional 2 points for everyone your friend signs up and another 1 point for the people they sign up. VITAL measures and rewards your social network three tiers out.

At the end of each month, VITAL adds up every member's* VITAL Score and pays out the Cash Rewards Pool proportionately based on everyone’s Score.

VITAL is all about sharing, the more you share VITAL with friends, the more your VITAL Score grows, the more cash rewards you earn each month, forever.

*In order for your referrals to qualify towards your total VITAL score, each account must be active and in good standing. Active means they spend as little as $1 per month.

How does the Cash Rewards Pool get funded each month?
Every time you swipe your VITAL Card to pay for something, 1% of the transactions goes right back to you in the form of cash back and 1% of the transaction gets deposited into the Cash Rewards Pool which is then paid out at the end of each month. As you can imagine, the Cash Rewards Pool can get pretty big if everyone is using their VITAL Card for everyday spending.

How will I get paid my Cash Rewards?
VITAL is currently in prelaunch mode; we plan to deliver cards around mid 2018. During our prelaunch, members have the opportunity to grow their VITAL Score. This will translate to more cash rewards once we launch in 2018.

Once applications are received and approved, active users spending over $250 / month can start receiving cash rewards.

What happens if I don’t get approved for VITAL after the pre-launch phase is done; do I still get cash rewards for everyone I helped sign up?
We decided to roll-out a pre-launch website before the cards were ready because overwhelmingly when we spoke to potential customers, people wanted the opportunity to grow their VITAL Score before we actually delivered cards. The risk of doing this is that not everyone is going to be approved by our banking partner.

We are committed to making VITAL as accessible as possible. Most people who qualify for a basic entry level credit card should also qualify for VITAL, though we cannot make any guarantees. If a member’s application gets denied, we want to make sure their effort during the pre-launch is rewarded. As such, we will allow the member to transfer his/her VITAL Score to a friend or family member with good credit.

Is VITAL a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or pyramid marketing company?

VITAL is not a traditional MLM or pyramid marketing company, but we were inspired by the idea of network marketing when we created the concept of VITAL Score.

If we’re being honest, we don’t like MLM companies because MLM companies often stick lots of their "sales members" with inventory (physical products) that they paid for but are now unable to sell. MLM companies do offer significant upside to their members, but often with a decent amount of risk.

VITAL doesn’t do any of this. Remember, VITAL is completely free to sign-up, we have no annual fee, we offer a high quality beautiful aluminum card in the color of your choice, 1% cash back on all of your spending, and give our members THE OPTION to earn cash rewards if they choose to share VITAL. If you don’t share, you still get a beautiful card and 1% cash back, and no annual fee.

Are there any rules around VITAL’s cash rewards?
In order to be eligible and activate your monthly cash rewards, you must spend at least $250 per month. If you spend less than $250 in a given month, you will not receive cash rewards for that month.

Is there an annual fee for VITAL?
No, VITAL has no annual fee. It’s completely free to sign up and use VITAL.

How can I donate my cash rewards to a charity on VITAL?
Each month you earn cash rewards on VITAL. We allow you to donate a portion or all of your cash rewards to the pre-approved charity of your choice. All charities on VITAL are vetted and approved by VITAL before we allow them to receive your cash rewards.

Will signing up for VITAL and sharing during the pre-launch period affect my credit?
No, you are not actually applying for a credit card at this time. We are allowing people interested in getting a VITAL Card in the near future to sign up and begin sharing and growing their VITAL Score but not until they apply for a card and are approved will their credit score be checked.

How often are rewards paid?
VITAL pays cash rewards and cash back at the end of every month.

Are credit card rewards taxed?
No, credit card rewards are not taxed.

Will VITAL offer a business/commercial card?
We have not yet announced plans to offer a business/commercial card, but stay tuned for updates.

Will VITAL allow joint accounts?
No, VITAL is for individual use only at the moment.

Is there a monthly bill to pay with VITAL?
VITAL is a credit card, and therefore a bill is generated each month that must be paid off in full before the payment period ends. Failure to not pay off your bill can result in fees and damage your credit score.

Will I be able to use my VITAL card everywhere?
VITAL will be a VISA and therefore accepted everywhere VISA is accepted globally.

Is VITAL available internationally?
We’re focused on launching VITAL to cardholders in the U.S. (50 states + D.C.) first. We’d love to issue cards to people all over the world, but that’s another challenge altogether.

Can people who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States apply?
Initially, we will only be open to citizens and permanent residents of the United States. Stay tuned for updates.

Can I build my credit history using VITAL?
Using VITAL will build your credit history, and responsible account management (like paying your bill on time), will improve your credit score over time.

Does VITAL maintain a bank charter?
VITAL does not maintain its own bank charter, instead we’ve partnered with an existing bank which allows us to operate with greater efficiency.

How can I get VITAL?
We are still in a pre-launch stage. Once we begin accepting applications in 2018, you will need to apply and undergo a typical credit card application process.

What will be required to qualify for VITAL?
You must be a permanent resident of the United States, at least 18 years old (or 19 if in you are in Alabama or Nebraska), and have a valid social security number. You will need a physical address (but you can later add a PO Box as a mailing address if you are approved). You must also satisfy certain other underwriting criteria and pass a credit check, although you’re welcome to apply even with a thin credit history or no credit history.

When will VITAL begin accepting applications?
VITAL will begin accepting applications in mid to late 2018.

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