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The recommended age of the VTech Innotab Max is 3 - 9 years old. That's quite a large age gap, but the apps include everything for a child learning to read, to a kid a bit more advanced. Comparing this tablet to what my children, 7 and 9 years old are accustomed to, this tablet in my opinion is better suited for a child who doesn't have much experience with an iPad or Android tablet and does not require the option of downloading advanced games or games that are not educational.

However, this does have many pluses. One big plus for me, is the ability for my children to send and receive texts and recorded messages using this. Most of my family live up North. We usually use Facetime or other means of video communication to keep in touch. But, that's only available to them when I'm around. I am not ready to let them have a cell phone, so I think the option of them being able to text family on this is really cute! I also ❤ the option that the contact list can only be created by a parent. It took me a while to figure out how to do it, but parents actually have to download the VTech Kid Connect mobile app. For directions on setting up the contact list, click here. Only "friends" with InnoTab Kid Connect can be added, you can send email to family members to join VTech Kid Connect and download the app.

My children also like to access YouTube for funny videos, cartoons or movies while we're on long drives. Using this tablet, I can go onto any website I choose in Parent Mode and add it to a list of approved sites for their use. In YouTube, there is an option in settings for "Restrict Mode" (basically a child mode), so although it's safety isn't 100% in most cases while they're on YouTube they are not exposed to anything I do not want them to view. This is great!

I am also able to add the paid educational websites they currently use, to their list of approved sites on the InnoTab Max. So, even when their only interested in playing on the tablet, they still have access to software I already purchased so I don't have to feel as if I wasted money. (continue)

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