Just a quick update, since I'm currently on throw-up watch. Unfortunately it's not mine. Bryson has a killer cough that has been making him ill all morning. So, not sure I'm knocked up, but I'm sure eating like it. Yesterday I made banana cupcakes with Cinnamon icing. The day before that, it was cinnamon rolls from scratch (which have made their first and last appearance in this house considering they were hard mounds of dough). I've been cleaning like a fiend even though the "nesting" phase shouldn't come until about month 5. I've hung shelves, curtain rods, new curtains, decided to paint my dining room table, and rearranged Bryson's room and closet. Or maybe I'm channeling my inner 1950's June Cleaver. Who knew she even existed? Either way my house is looking better then ever so I guess I can't complain too much.

On Tuesday I will be posting a new Vlog to update everyone on "Prego or No Prego, that is the question". I really do hope it's good news this week. I'm not sure if Brian can handle anymore "scheduled" coloring. Who knew he would be so emotional about it. He asked that I not make it so obvious that I was just trying to get his sperm. He wants spontaneity, so cute. It makes me chuckle a little. What a reversal of roles.

Has your husband or significant other ever pulled a "woman's " move on you?

Waiting Again in Boyland,


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