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The kitchen is the most used space in a home, and turning it into a luxurious hub adds a sense of personal touch. In addition, when it’s time to sell, kitchen investments earn high returns. Thanks to technological advancements, you can customize a kitchen that’s the embodiment of luxury. Below are ways to add luxury to your kitchen.

1. Invest in high-end appliances

When it comes to luxury appliances, the options are endless, including cleaning and cooking implements and accessories. Consider installing multiple dishwasher drawers, which can also serve as storage spaces. Refrigerated drawers, warming drawers, double-door refrigerators, high-tech ovens, double and triple sinks, and more are perfect high-end additions for a luxurious kitchen.

2. Include marble countertops

Marble countertops are essential for every luxurious kitchen. While they’re better than other stone materials, marble countertops enhance the kitchen’s luxury design due to their coolness and elegance. Since marble countertops are a statement feature, they resonate with various kitchen designs, allowing you to choose one that blends well with your design.

3. Consider luxury and statement lighting

To truly appreciate your kitchen design elements, statement lighting is necessary. Using lights such as bespoke chandeliers, glass orb pendant lights, and artistic ceiling lights can highlight various kitchen elements while ensuring adequate lighting. Creating a good ambiance and adding a luxury touch, LED lights along the ceiling, worktops, and behind a glass cabinet are a great addition.

A functional kitchen requires different lighting for dining areas, workspaces, and other functions. Choose lighting fixtures that align with your kitchen design and bring a unique, dramatic feeling to a luxury kitchen. Select fixtures depending on your preferences and ensure the materials and the general look of the ones you choose make the kitchen look luxurious.

4. Hide your appliances

A luxury kitchen usually has all the appliances in large and small sizes for cooking pleasure. However, they don't always have to be on display. You can hide kitchen appliances like high-end small appliances and coffee stations behind the coordinated wall cabinetry.

Consider using accent shelving to break up the cabinetry's expanse to allow room for exhibiting small niche accessories and items. You can also use other cabinets to hide freezers, refrigeration units, and wine collection. There's no limit to how much you want to show; it’s all up to you.

5. Personalize your cooking

When it comes to customizing your cooking, you not only have options like ovens, cooktops, and ranges but also unique components for configuring a cooking station that suits your family's lifestyle. You may consider adding a built-in deep fryer, a grill unit, and more. Considering the number of individual options available, you can only choose the cooking units you like, making it easy to customize your cooking.

6. Add an attractive backsplash

Backsplashes are ideal for adding to your personality and kitchen style. To create a luxurious feel, go for something striking. For example, you can use large format tiles, engraved or patterned tiles, and unexpected materials for a tremendous difference.


A luxurious kitchen primarily uses elements that never become obsolete. If you're considering adding luxury into your kitchen, ensure your details complement each other and seek professional advice whenever necessary.     

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