Ways To Keep Your Kids and Pets Calm During Winter Disasters

Have you ever experienced a busted pipe because of winter cold and ice? It isn’t fun! And, if you don’t have insurance for your home or free fix guarantees from your water company it can be one of the worst experiences of your life. It is not a fun mess to clean up. And, you can lose your furniture and belongings in the process. It is a nightmare. 

When you experience a busted pipe your first starting point is to shut off the water and then call in the experts. They will likely give you tips about

but that is the least of your worries. Once the experts get started on cleaning up the mess and repairing the pipe, you can then turn your attention to calming down yourself and then calming down your kids and pets. 

Kids and pets are equally curious about anything that goes awry. Trust us! Your best bet is to make sure they both stay as far away as possible from the pipe as well as where it burst. It might sound like an easy thing to do, but kids and pets like to check out what all of the commotion was, too. 

Give your kids something to take their mind off of the burst pipe. Depending on their age you can give them an entire slew of books to read or even give them a tablet with educational apps and games. That will keep them occupied for some time. And, during times like this you can even put them in front of the television. There is so much kids’ content on the television, Youtube, and streaming services that there is sure to be something that your child will thoroughly enjoy. 

For your pets, put your dog or cat into another room or put them in their kennel. No matter what, don't let them get in the way of the cleaning crew because of the machines and chemicals they use. Also, ensure that they don’t get in the way of the plumber. It will make their work a lot easier. 

Just as with your kids you can give your pets things to preoccupy them. For cats, give them a toy to play with and for your dog they will really enjoy Healthy Chews rawhide chews to gnaw on. Those will keep them busy and their mind off of barking. 

During the winter months we not only have to deal with disasters in our homes like burst pipes, we also have to deal with outdoor ordeals like icy conditions and snow. When you are out and about in these weather conditions be sure to keep your dog in a crate if it’s a small or medium sized dog or a dog restraint specially built for large dogs. 

We always know how to ride safely with our children, but it is also important to ride through ice and snow with our dogs as safely as possible as well. Keeping your dog properly restrained will not only keep them safe, but also calm in case you get into a car accident when driving in winter weather.

Winter can cause some unexpected changes in our homes and outside. When those things happen the key is to stay calm yourself and then make sure your kids and furry companions remain calm, too. 

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