Ever since I saw the crazy fun that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson had crashing all those weddings on the big screen, I've been dying to try it.  And this past weekend, I finally got my long-awaited chance!  However, I wasn't at all prepared with my cover story, and I ended up getting flat-out BUSTED on my second attempt.

This all went down while I was on a girls' getaway with some friends over the weekend. We were staying at a beautiful resort in Arizona, which we learned would be the location of not one but THREE weddings all in one night.  I mean, how perfect could that be??!!  It was truly my golden opportunity!

The first reception I chose to sneak into was an Indian one, and the awesome music the DJ was spinning immediately caught my attention.  I literally just boogied my way onto the dance floor as if I'd been there all night.  Somehow, though, I ended up shaking my groove thing with a man that was old enough to be my grandpa.  Now this wouldn't necessarily have been a problem, except the dude ended up being the lamest dance partner in the history of dance partners.  I got bored pretty quickly and decided to move on to the next shindig.

Upon walking down the hallway, I discovered that THIS reception was seriously rocking out to a live band up on a stage.  I couldn't help but to cut a little rug in the doorway when they began to play "Pour Some Sugar On Me".  (You know that song brings out the stripper in all of us!)  And apparently, the lead singer wanted me to join the party since he motioned for me to come into the room.

Now, I know hindsight is 20/20, but I probably should've noticed that this was definitely NOT a large crowd and I was definitely NOT dressed to blend in (my dress was bright red, for crap's sakes!)  Nevertheless, I sauntered my way up to the foot of the stage and joined a group of swaying people.  And that's just about the time that Bitchy McBitch spun me around and said, "So how do YOU know Joe?"

This was also just about the time I realized that I evidently SUCK as a wedding crasher because the only words that came out of my mouth were, "I don't!!!"  Bitchy McBitch then led me by the shoulders straight out of the room where I found my friend dying laughing in the hallway.  Clearly, the first rule of wedding crashing is to never ever tell the truth! Damn, how I wish I would've said I was having Joe's baby…..



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