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Welcome to a world where stories come alive: The Anne Stairmand’s World

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world to words”

~ William H. Gass

There is a kind of passion that stick its claws into you and will never let  you go.

It drives you, lures you, pushes you until you accept it and use it. This kind of passion usually leads to magic.

This passion is the passion that hooked its claws into Anne Stairmand. The passion to turn the world she sees through her eyes into words- and what a world it is!

Anne Stairmand always knew she would write, it was something she knew as much as she breathed and so after an extensive career in education, she decided to run with  her passion…her writing.

The Anne Stairmand World of Words.

We have opened the doors and we welcome you the Anne Stairmand World of Words and Characters.

Welcome to the maze of interesting people, unusual plots and satirical settings.

Welcome to magic!

Allow us take you the house of The Idiot Family. A family with a doughnut hungry mother and an idiotic impulsive father with children named after materials. Follow this absurdly rich family as they make their way through life.

Join us to solve the mystery of the missing socks in The Phantom Sock Snatcher.

Will Joe ever find out what happened to the socks?

How would Petronella Pumpernickel-Pinkstocking Berck handle this new boy,  Big Wart  who was new to  her school and ignores her? What will happen to her with the spell cast on he? Find out more in Petronella Pumpernickel Pinkstocking Berck and Big Wart.

Archie is settling down in a new place and making new friends in Archie Dingletrotter’s Flying Caravan.

Desmond is a curious five and three- quarter year old boy who has a love for dragons. Follow Desmond when he finds a baby dragon and takes him to school. Find out about the naughty things the little dragon gets up to in  Desmond’s Dragon.

Anne Stairmand has taken her passion for the odd and beautiful and transformed them into beautiful words on marble.

The Anne Stairmand series are suitable for readers of all ages. They are easy to comprehend and will give even the grouchiest Grinch a reason the laugh out loud.

It easy to get caught up in the excitement of an Anne Stairmand book.

From a ridiculously rich family that acts all silly till the matriarch of the family gets bored with all her gold and gets arrested for stealing doughnuts, to a young boy caught up in a mysterious world of missing socks and a Phantom Sock Snatcher. Then we skip to little girl who shares a weird house with her parents and has a strange desire to kiss all the boys in her school. Then she meets a boy who ignores her.

 And finally we go back to Archie Dingletrotter’s Flying Caravan and the three horrid children who try to be cruel to Archie. However, like all wonderful books magic conquers and his beautiful party make Archie the most popular boy in the world

Come, buy a book and join our world!  Join The Anne Stairmand World!

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