As the song says it so well ''What a difference a day makes!''. After days of crying, screaming, crying and oh, a little more screaming today I picked up Milo from kita and once again he was a completely different child!!! As I have written
before (check out previous post here) it sometimes feels like Milo has two alternative personalities and it
is pot luck as to which you will be facing each day, or even each hour! Yesterday Milo was at his father's and I know from the numerous phone calls I received yesterday evening that Milo was also giving his father a hard time. This morning however he clearly woke up on a different side of bed. What was even more surprising is that when I picked up Milo from
Kita (nursery / daycare) today which usually involves many tears, kicking and screaming, Milo was a gem. There was a slight moan here and there but he mainly sat calmy on my lap as I plied on the layers of clothing and even more strange, the children who usually happily (and calmly) chat to their parents as they prepare them for stepping out into the cold, they were crying and throwing tantrums all over the place?! What a turn around. I sat there dumbfounded.

Sometimes when I have days like this with Milo. As we sit on the sofa in his bedroom, singing ' Incy Wincy Spider', hand movements and all, I have moments where I look back to life before motherhood and think how I couldn't imagine what I would be like as a mother. I never knew if I would get the joy you always feel a mother should feel when experiencing such moments with your child but boy do I! Days like I had earlier in the week, I think, 1 child is enough, days like today I think, I could have a handful of these little people!

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